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Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was the most significant figure in Indian politics and a leader during the period of Indian independence movement. Gandhi pioneered Satyagraha, which means being resistant to tyranny through being disobedience to mass civil movement that was formerly formed upon total nonviolence.Throuugh this philosophy of non violence, India managed to gain independence and was also inspired to carry out civil rights movement throughout the world. Mohandas Gandhi is generally honored by the Indians as the father of the nation and his is always remembered by the people on his birthday which is on the second of October and worldwide, the day is declared as the international day of non violence (Merton 234).

Gandhi was a very vital man in Indian politics and also a religious leader during the twentieth century. His influence to the nation was so great and powerful thus other political leaders’ world wide like Martin Luther the king adopted some of his methods.Gandhis` greatness is seen when he tried to fight for the legal rights for his fellow Indians who lived in South Africa. This was a period when European colonists had no consideration of Hindus as human beings and thus were referred to as the coolies.Gandhi was chosen a leader of the Indian community and therefore, established political movement basing on the non violent civil disobedience (Kurlansky 67).

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Gandhi was also great in assisting the community to solve local disputes, an act that led to many admiring his success and thus was a given a name of great soul by a certain writer. He was also a social reformer, dedicating his time fully so as to promote the Hindu Muslim relations as he slowly and perfectly guided his country into independence. He carried out his actions of non violent through being resistance, boycotts and often hunger strikes. And because he had become famous, he was respected and this helped him to gain influence in both public and British rulers.Therfore, as a result he unified the various elements of the Indian national congress and forced political concessions from the British (Chin-lee 456).


Gandhi held the belief of unity to all mankind created by one God, thus he preached Hindu, christion and Islamic ethics. Thus, when he passed away, India had gained its independence, became a free country from British rule and the biggest democracy in entire world.Thus,through this, Gandhi is remembered as a political leader, a moralist who convinced the mankind and made great changes to the world.

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