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Since my childhood, pharmacy has been one of the most important subjects of interest. I used to see my uncle with a white apron going to the hospital every morning, as a pharmacist. He used to tell me that he had dedicated his life to saving people’s lives. It is at this time that I became engrossed in pharmacy. I became very inquisitive of the things I would do to become a pharmacist. Pharmacy is a profession in the health sector that connects the chemical sciences to the health sciences (Stephens 1). I have selected pharmacy as my major because it will enable me to become an expert in a profession I have much interest in. I also want to ensure that I guarantee that people effectively, safely and carefully use drugs and avoid detrimental life circumstances. It is a life I want to live because I will be able to contribute positively to the society and to acquire self-satisfaction.

To achieve my goal, I ought to work extra hard in my education, at MDC. I have to ensure that I get the best grades that will enable me to get admission for a pharmacy course at the university. This means that I have to prepare and plan my study time adequately, to do all my assignments seriously and to follow the instructions. I also have to work hard with the high grades in the subjects, for instance biology, mathematics and chemistry that will enable me to get an admission for a pharmaceutical course. Moreover, have to be disciplined because pharmacy requires a person who is self-disciplined and responsible.

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The university will determine the kind of pharmacist I will become as it is the deciding moment of my career. Furthermore, it is at the university that I will learn to become a pharmacist. I have to attend all classes in time, take all the assignments and exams, go for internships and carry out practical. All these activities and responsibilities require that I work diligently respectfully, responsibly and be disciplined to all the tutors and other people I will work with. At the university, I will engage in discussions with my tutors and fellow students. I will go to to libraries to acquire more information applicable in my profession. I will study seriously for the entire course, which will help me to get a Doctor of Pharmacy Degree. I will also work closely with the other professionals who practice so that I can gain experience working in the society. Towards the end of the course, I will ensure that I get licensed by passing two final exams (Stephens 142).

In a future, as a pharmacist I will serve the society by ensuring that people are informed on the dangers and benefits of drugs. I will ensure that I work with pharmaceutical agencies and colleagues, to sensitize the society. In addition, I will ensure that I follow rules that apply to the pharmacists, pharmaceuticals and the overall practice so that I protect the public from harm. I have to dispense medications based on the doctors’ orders and further engage in consultations with patients on a proper usage of medications. I also have to work with the physicians, to dispense medications correctly (Abood 121).

In conclusion, as my major and career choice, pharmacy is a very important subject for me. It involves a lot of hard work and determination, discipline, education and responsibility to become a pharmacist. I will do all that is necessary to become a trustworthy pharmacist. I will do this in MDC, at the university and also during the active practice. I will ensure that patients are sensitized on the proper use of medication by dispensing medications that have been prescribed by doctors and physicians. My work will be to ensure the safety of patients and the public with the regard to the medications’ use.

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