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Free Example of My Dedication to History Essay

People act differently in various situations depending on their personal preferences, on the environment, and the way they are perceived by the others.  Despite all the above mentioned factors, a person would definitely not fail to show his/her dedication as this is something that cannot be changed.

 From my early years, I was curious about the life around and about those events that have already taken place. As a child, I could not understand the meaning of the term “history” till I was around seven years old. Since that time, I am interested in the history in all its forms.

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I like learning history through different means. Firstly, I enjoy reading a great deal of books. My favorite books are on history. Reading books allows me to enrich my knowledge of the past and learn about the events that took place in the ancient world. What is even more important, books allow me to analyze the events in the past and compare them to the ones occurring nowadays. I can easily determine the issues that are of real importance and predict the consequences of certain modern processes. Reading books on history, I have learnt a lot about the countries that existed for centuries and millenniums but then disappeared, which was a result of poor ruling of the country leaders or the inner conflicts within the nation’s government or elite.

I love learning history via interactive tools available online and from the digital media. This way, memorizing of the important information takes less time, and I get a chance to relive the historical events of the past and get the better understanding of them. I spend most of my free time gaining more and more knowledge in the field of history. I believe this will serve me only good in the future, as I would be able to beat the competitors in any academic contest in history.

Besides studying individually, I pay a lot of attention to the information brought to us by the teachers and try to get the most of it. In order to accumulate more knowledge of history, I take extra classes oriented on the students willing to dedicate their lives to studying history. Following my teacher’s advice, I have a regular subscription for a few magazines oriented on the history of the US and the world. I believe using diverse sources for studying history is very important.

My dedication to history is not going to disappear. I believe I could improve my knowledge of history by studying more of it. I will be working on increasing the level of my own dedication to studying, and all the restless days and night spent on engulfing tons of information will not be in vain. I believe my dedication to history will help me become one of your students and contribute to the overall school development.

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