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My deep interest and fascination with Computer Science has been evolving since I was quite young. I dedicated so many hours reading books about computers, trying myself in simple programming, working with various computer applications. Understanding how computers work and finding out how their different parts function took my breath away as a child, and my interest grew as my knowledge deepened. Finally, I realized it is the ambition of my life to study Computer Science at a degree level; that is why I have decided to take the first steps in my career path by taking the university course.

Being so strongly interested with computer science, there were a few reasons why I have decided to get a university degree in this field of study. Firstly, there is little as truly fascinating as our ability to study the world around us and make observations which we can analyze and learn from. With the far reaching capabilities of technology resulting from the study of computer science, I will be able to understand some of the immensely complex details of our universe. Secondly, possession of the Degree in Computer Science will open before me good career opportunities with diversified prospective. Finally, I am positive that studying Computer Science at an academic level is the possibility to develop my abilities and skills in their entirety.

A significant goal in my life is to devote myself entirely to the sphere of my strongest interest by pursuing a career of an IT professional. I see myself as a person who will help businesses to develop IT-enabled systems, will monitor and advise on the technological methods and tools to be used to optimise the work of an organisation. It will never be just a job for me, by expanding my knowledge and learning something new every day I will always find enjoyment. I would love to be involved in part of the thinking that contributes towards tomorrow’s understanding of the universe and far beyond.

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