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I have always had an unquenchable interest and passion in technology and the related subjects. This is in terms of how components work within any system. Ever since my childhood, science and mathematics have been my favorite subjects. My interest in sciences grew during my time at school, and eventually in college. I especially enjoyed the challenges that arose with the use of mathematical and scientific ideas, theories, and applications when solving everyday problems. It is in high school that I realized the need to study a computer related subject. My interest in computers grew each day, and I with every discovery in the computer industry, this fascination never stopped. While watching robotic movies, an interest was sparked in me. Thus, being an individual with an unquenchable desire to learning new things, I made this choice of pursing a computer related degree.

Attending the Engineering program at TAMUQ could give me the opportunity to know how valuable education is in personal lives. This will enhance my maturity and responsible behavior essential in succeeding in a competitive world. This is essential in serving my country Qatar and plays a vital role in the country’s developmental process. It is crucial to note that the world of computing has undergone an unprecedented growth rate. In addition, computers continue to play a vital role in an individual's life and the economy at large. Thus, I believe that the computing industry presents a part of the economy that is the best, particularly the field of electrical and computer engineering has recently become the corner stone of all businesses and companies.

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One of my dreams thus is to create value in the computing industry by getting the chance to study electrical and computer engineering. One of the most essential factors to note about business process and other spheres of the economy is the urgent need of solutions and methods of analyzing the dynamics in the business world. In the process of developing my career, I would like to be part of a team that could help generate new ideas in the computing industry. The significance attached to the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and programming languages further accentuates my need to study computer engineering.

At high school, I performed exemplary in mathematics and physics. These subjects enabled me to develop the prerequisite knowledge in understanding the basics in computer engineering. Through physics and mathematics, I have enhanced my evaluation and analytical skills vital in this degree. In addition, through the career and guidance program at high school, I developed an insight in the richness of computer related degree.

In order to achieve my desire in completing my education, I applied to Community College of Qatar (CCQ). This is because it represented the bridge for all students who wanted to go on with their future career. Studying at Community College of Qatar (CCQ) helped me to enhance skills in problem-solving and teamwork, time management as the class experience enabled me to encounter several problems that needed personal commitment. I also learned how to adapt new situations and deal with urgent situations wisely. In addition, I learnt how to cope with other class mates for long hours so to achieve the set objectives and meet course deadlines. In addition, my interest in the field on computing did not stop at the class. Over the past year, I used the knowledge I had from college.

I intend to study a degree in computer engineering in order to work as a computer engineer. The decision has been taken on three bases; computing is part of everything we do, future opportunities in computing are without boundaries, and the benefits or potential earnings. In addition, I have a passion in research and I believe TAMUQ will provide the foundation in developing the research skills. This is guided by the fact that research and development (R&D) is an Ever since critical component in the computing industry. I also intend to further my knowledge in Artificial Intelligence at graduate school. TAMUQ will offer the vital skills and tools that will enable me achieve my academic dreams and career development.

My personal ability and desires to achieve are my key personal attributes that will enable me excel in electrical and computer engineering. I pay attention to detail, and this marks the hallmark of a successful student. My decision to pursue this course is informed by the fact that it distinguishes the technologies of the 20th century from the 21st century. In addition, electrical and computer engineering at TAMUQ has advanced the prosperity of nations and the creation of a global village. Thus, at TAMUQ, I will embark on my journey to prosperity and a highly productive career and shape a better future for mankind. Thus, with a longtime career goal in research and development, I believe that TAMUQ provides the best opportunities for students.

One of my hobbies is photography because it has two sides; technical side that is changeable, keeps improving and needs certain calculations in order to get the right settings for the picture. It also has the esthetic side. This means that a skilled photographer should be delicate in the process of representing the beauty of each shot. I spend my leisure time and enhance my time management skills through this one way.

I hope Texas A&M at Qatar will give me an opportunity to become one of the successful engineers building the future and the economy of Qatar. This is because TAMUQ is one of the most prestigious universities, not in Qatar only, but also in the whole world. Therefore, I look forward with anticipation for the opportunity to study a degree in the field of electrical and computer engineering and the opportunities that it will present.

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