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People exaggerate sometimes to either make some stories funny or insist on a point. However, if these exaggerations are not humorous, then they are said to be off-line punchlines. A running gag may also be made, and it takes the form of an amusing comical joke. On the other hand, unexpected truth is the anticipated truth that comes as a surprise and may make one embarrassed and uncomfortable (Bussing, 2014). The unexpected truth may cause mockery of power, especially when the leaders conduct illicit dealings.

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Definition of Exaggeration

Exaggeration is a way of overstressing on something to either make it good or bad. The word “exaggeration” is used to stress the meaning of something or create a permanent impression. Exaggeration is from a Latin word “exaggerationem,” which means exaltation or elevation (, 2020). Unexpected exaggeration is an expected engagement that brings the element of surprise. For example, if an employee does not like going to work on certain days, he/she may end up exaggerating their phone call in the office by saying that they cannot go to work since he/she is deadly ill.

Voicemails and emails show whom one called and texted, and as a result, the messages can be tracked and stored. It is not just information that is obtained, but it is evidence that can be used in a court of law. Thus, in such situations, the unexpected truth is revealed. It is the truth that was not anticipated by anyone, thus coming as a surprise as well as making one uncomfortable or embarrassed (Bussing, 2014). For example, unexpected truth is revealed when the actions of a respectable manager in an office are exposed. Such actions may include sexually harassing a female or male employee. Such truth not only comes as a surprise but also destroys a company's image.

Power of Mockery

Most tyrants all over the world fear mockery. It not only diminishes their worth as leaders but also makes them lose their power. It is a phrase that describes contemptuous behaviors or languages used by other people and directed to a particular person who is in a possession of authority. For example, in a bizarre act of mockery of power, unknown people banned two of the largest news channels, namely Media One News and Asianet News, from broadcasting for more than 48 hours. Such act of mockery of power was done following allegations of partiality on reporting on the previous communal tension in Delhi (Best Media Info, 2020). Due to this, the two stations ordered that an inquiry be conducted to establish why such acts of mockery and intimidation were ordered.

A Running Joke

A running joke or gag is a humorous allusion that takes the form of an amusing comical reference or joke. The latter appears repetitively throughout a work of poetry. A running joke can begin with an instance of unintended humor that is repeated in stages, as the audience expects the reappearances of the gag. Thus, the joke becomes familiar. Running jokes can both be verbal or visual, and they may express social morals (Tian et al., 2017). Some running jokes are performed on televisions. Such gags include the rearrangement of hotel signs and letters at the onset of every episode of the Fawlty Tower shown at the BBC station.

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The term “punch-line” is a statement, sentence, or phrase that makes a point, especially when it is made humorously. However, when the point or sentence does not make any sense and does not have a humorous impact on the audience, the phrase is known as an off-hand punch-line. On most occasions, an off-hand punch-line is made by presenters who are not well prepared to cast out their presentation to their audience (Moneo, 2019). As a result, a presenter tends to be embarrassed and jeered by the listeners.

To avoid off-line punch-lines, the actors should prepare themselves. They ought to ensure that they give their best to make their audience happy. For example, there was no laughter from the audience congregated in the auditorium, as her sentences were off the line.


All in all, the unexpected exaggeration comes with an element of surprise to others, while unexpected truth exposes the evil behaviors of respected leaders in the society. Mockery of power is a term that describes contemptuous behaviors used by other people, and it is directed to a particular person or institution in possession of power. A running joke, on the other hand, is a hilarious allusion that takes the form of a funny joke. It is, however, different from an off-hand punch-line, which is a sentence made without any humor.

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