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 In my childhood the food I ate was not very healthy. I ate everything I wanted without having an idea about what influence these products could render on my body in a long-term period. With time I understood that I put on a superfluous weight and began to keep to different diets. I did not eat for some days from time to time; however, I could not reach an ideal weight. It was just possible to get rid of an excess weight for some time, but then I put it on again and added some more kilos. Eventually, food became my worst enemy, and for many years I tried to “expel” it from my body in all available ways, even taking laxatives.

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In my childhood, I chronically had a running nose and colds, a herpetic fever, allergies, an inflammation of a sebaceous gland, a frustration of the digestive system. At last I had got a diagnosis – an “incurable” illness of a thyroid gland. The doctor advised me to take medicine daily till the end of my days. However, I did not plan to take expensive medical preparations all my life to regulate the course of the illness. Instead, I changed my diet and my way of life, starting to treat myself by means of natural products. My physical condition improved considerably when I learned how to turn food into “my ally”. Now I love food. I cannot even imagine a day without it. Moreover, I like to feel how good are the products I eat and their impact on my mind and my body. My attitude to the food has changed. It was impossible for me to reach the same satisfaction when I was keeping to diets, directed only on the weight reduction.

At last, when I completely refused any diets and began to eat the best healthy products, I managed to reach an ideal weight. The optimum choice of products helped me to keep my health. Thanks to it, I managed to reach an ideal weight with a little effort. Consumption of better products helped me avoid “a trap of calculating calories” and to enjoy all the food delights. All in all, the new diet, based on eating only healthy food, affected my life greatly. It positively influenced my organism and improved my health.

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