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Economy, Money, Trade and Employment. New Zealand is a rich country with a GDP per capita of $27,300 (CIA 2010). Agriculture was originally the source of livelihood (Kopf, 1975). This has however changed whereby the economy is supported from many sectors including tourism, movie making. The country has a high standard of living and New Zealanders have a high level of satisfaction of life in general (Kenneth, 1962).This has been stated by international survey where, inspite of the GDP per capita it is said to be lower than many other OECD countries in the world.. It has laws and regulations which have assisted in developing a productive export market economy. The traders make their own voluntary economic choices, giving it a utopian vision (Inkson. 2004).  The economy is more into inter- trade than into intra-trade, as it has a limited number of high manufacturing industries such as aircraft construction. This lowers its comparative advantage when compared with other developed countries. The turn around in the economy started in the mid 1990s after the diversification policies of the 1970s bore fruits plus improved economy management and the effects of the Uruguay Round which minimized the world agricultural products. The country has one of the lowest levels of unemployment (Te Ara, 2010). There is high level of security from war and also terrorism. The country has a low rate of corruption. Most of the New Zealanders are educated and the public services are reasonably developed. Peace is one of the elements of a utopia as a perfect place to search for peace as its cities are considered as most peaceable to live (Kopf, 1975).

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Social programs and values. A utopian place values family. Family ties forms one of the reasons that makes New Zealand a haven. This has been proved by surveys that indicated that even when New Zealanders leave their countries, most of them will likely go back (Inkson, et al., 2004). This is because they want to stay close to their families as well as for the fact that New Zealand is a good place from which one can bring up a family.

New Zealanders have benefited from these elements of a utopia. The economy has grown; the Maori culture is securely preserved. The country continues to attract tourists from several parts of the world who visit the economy to enjoy the beautiful sceneries and with agriculture still being a utopia. New Zealand is a utopia on its own.

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