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Free Example of Nurse Activism Essay

Nowadays nurses that are involved in a great number of community health settings have to adapt to all the changes and innovations and thus perform new roles that are completely unknown for them. Community-focused nursing has acquired many new features and now much attention is paid to such aspects as activism and advocacy. It is believed that nurses can serve as highly efficient agents and help to implement changes both in healthcare system and the whole society, however, their activism is surely the result of thorough planning and professional management.

I also find it really fascinating that nurses have become able to cause serious changes and perform actions that can affect both the individual and organizational levels. Besides, nowadays nurses are required to use creativity in order to think of the new methods, solutions, and way outs concerning various problems and issues. I totally believe that all the efforts I’ve taken and my practice can cause certain changes; the only thing that should be considered is whether to be reactive or proactive. I fully understand that the scope of my practice is very large and it is necessary to demonstrate such skills as flexibility and ability to adapt to fast changes and help other people cope with this task. One of the most widespread and typical components of every change is stress and it is the task of the nurses to minimize its scale. Equity and fairness have become even more obligatory for nursing practice as the new roles of the nurses reflect their far-reaching public health importance in community and make them emphasize the significance of social justice and its promotion. As it is known activism is intended to result in certain changes and a set of reforms in the society and its main structures, thus affecting nursing in general and me in particular. The main focus for changes that I mark out now includes such aspects as the control of the basic human rights including freedom, equality, the performance of the main social determinants of health, general well-being of every person, and the analysis of the need to provide reforms in the public health system.

There is no doubt that now nurses have a very strong esteem both in the public and professional sphere and their participation in the political arena is no surprise or strange thing. The scale of nursing knowledge, scope and various roles have significantly increased with a growing number of degrees in different that provide nurses with all the required components in order to become active participants and activists in modern society.

It is rather difficult to say for sure whether nurses should stay out of "politics" or not as there are both pros and cons in this issue. As for the cons, it is believed that politics is intended for other people and nursing has no relation to it, with all the complications and difficulties typical for it. However, the experience, knowledge, and the level of insight into the vital health care issues that the majority of nurses possess can definitely turn out to be very efficient for politics and simply priceless.

I totally agree that nurses have recently acquired a great set of new roles that are dictated by the changes in the modern world and society, thus putting an emphasis on the advocacy and activism in nursing practice.

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