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Free Example of Object of Significance Essay

There is nothing that I crave more than my high school graduation cap which shall be conferred upon me on my last day in this school. Truth be told, the graduation cap, which also referred to as square academic cap or mortarboard in some quarters, is my main inspiration for working hard in my high school academics. In other words, my high school graduation cap is my definition of object of significance.

In my opinion, there is no other picture that one would die for than that of him being conferred to the graduation cap in acknowledgement of the much effort and long walk in academics. I have always envied the photos of graduates with their caps on, smiling broadly from the heart. My great admiration of this academic accessory has inspired to keep graduation photos of almost all my relatives and friends. Every day I flip through my photo album and get instant inspiration to give my all to join the bandwagon of those academic heroes. When that day comes, I will take many photos with my family and friends so that I could fill my entire large capacity photo album.

It is my strong belief that having a black shiny graduation cap and accompaining gown not to forget excellent grades and compliment them is the epitome of academic success. I burn the midnight oil daily, even on weekends, so that I could register the very best at my finals. This object of significance shall be mine and I keep envisioning it hanging conspicuously from the wall of my living room long after my graduation from the wonderful high school of mine. You would be forgiven if you lamented that I have already attached everlasting sentimental value to my object of significance – my high school graduation cap!

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