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Klein observes that the gym is not only a place of training for the bodybuilders but also their second home. Here they find comfort and acceptance. They create an informal relationship during their training but with no major bonding because they are rivals in muscle building. Competition for fitness is high in the gym as each tries his/her best to outdo the other.  Klein realizes that they occasionally use vulgar language while responding to each other. Big bodybuilders overlook the small ones. They are normally proud of their well built bodies and enjoy ridiculing the others.  Despite this, they maintain peace and train together. At times there is a lot of seriousness as they prepare for contests, training and posing. There is hardly any social encounter observed unless when a friend passes by to say hello.

Klein finds out that there are activities that bodybuilders engage in that are against the society expectations. One issue is the use of steroids to enhance their body muscles. Almost all bodybuilders Klein interviews use a form of steroid, whether natural or synthetic. The other thing is selling their bodies to the gay for sex. Most of them claim to be hustlers which translate to them engaging into such behavior. These behaviors are their secrets and only those courageous enough confess to having done them.

Bodybuilders use their muscles as a brand.  It is through their fitness that they are able to command the advertising and marketing industry. The perception of people on bodybuilders is that they lead a health life through exercising and dieting. Also people perceive those men with big muscles as sexier and romantic. This necessitates them to work hard and build bigger muscles. Most fashionable magazines will cover photos of bodybuilders and beautiful women in order to raise the attention of the young people.

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