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Free Example of Organ Transplantation Essay

Organ transplantation is a serious and lengthy procedure which is performed in a number of stages. The first stage is matching donors and recipients. This might be quite stressful, because a patient usually stays on a list for a long time before the appropriate donor is found. In the USA, there is a special computer network which connects all the transplant centers. Having evaluated patient’s health and social status, a transplant center puts him or her on a list. The procedures of matching are unique for every donor and patient. Such things as “tissue match, blood type, length of time on the waiting list, immune status and the distance between the potential recipient and the donor” and many other are taken into account.

Depending on what organ is going to be transplanted, each transplantation process is different. In general, once the patient is accepted, he or she will have to undergo conditioning treatment. This means that the person will be treated with chemo and radiation therapy which have many side effects. This is needed to minimize the risks of later organ rejection. After the organ has been transplanted, the recovery stage begins.

Post-transplantation medication consists of anti-rejection medicines, also called immunosuppressant. They are needed to stop body from rejecting the organ. In addition, the patient will also take some medication against any possible infection. Such medication is given to the patient during one year after transplantation.

One of the biggest problems is organ rejection, when the immune system starts to reject foreign tissue. This process starts even if people’s MHA’s are very similar. To prevent rejection, the patients have to take immunosuppressant. In addition, the patients undergo biopsies regularly, so that doctors can see if the organ is functioning properly and change medication if necessary.

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