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Free Example of Organizational Cultures Essay

The research paper tries to examine the impacts of energy-efficiency within the culture of an organization. In its initial section, the assignment presents different office-equipment, which utilizes energy in order to operate. Moving forward, the assignment expounds on different prices of energy, which is experienced within the energy-sector.

Subsequently, the assignment differentiates sections within an organization whereby consumption of energy is mostly witnessed. These sections include the office, processing zone, maintenance area as well as data collection zones. Within the aforementioned sections, the assignment expounds on those activities which consume energy and provide extensive ways through which these activities can be regulated to minimize energy consumption and by so doing bring about energy-efficiency.

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It should be noted that the assignment also provides methodologies which when used by organizations utilization of energy would be reduced significantly. In the case that energy is efficiently consumed it translates to reduced costs and high profits. Also, the assignment presents various impacts attributed to misusing energy by organizations, which include reduced profits as well as minimal sales.

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