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All organizations require their members to have some virtues that are crucial for the performance of the organization and maximization of its services as well as satisfaction of the intended clients. It is important to talk about the values of organizational staff, however, the staff will only possess the necessary qualities if the organization itself, has its own. These two combined, produce the desired results and goals of the organization as stated in its objective clause. Hospitals and health institutions are examples of the institutions that rely solely on the relationship between the workers, nurses, and the organizational values.

The first important quality or value that an organization and its workers should possess is proper communication skills. Solid communication is one of the foundations for any career. However, it is one of the most crucial aspects of nursing job (Welcham & Grieger, 2005). A good nurse is equipped with excellent communication skills that are shown in his or her listening and speaking abilities (Marquis & Huston, 2008). With these, they are able to follow the directions given by their seniors or doctors. As mentioned earlier, communication is one of the most important values an organization should emphasize on. Therefore, the link or coordination of nurse’s values such as obedience to instructions given facilitate communication, which in turn, ensures delivery of services to patients at the right time (International Council of Nurses, 2006). Communication also allows the nurses to get useful information that can be used in handling the patients well. Emotional stability is another important virtue that nurses possess in order to deliver their best to the patients (Marquis, & Huston, 2008). Traumatic situations are common in nursing. Nurses should thus have the abilities to accept death and suffering without letting it get personal into their hearts, it is also crucial to avoid any feelings of guilt. Such feelings make nurses lose morale in their work and may make them not deliver their best to their patients (Smith, 2005). One of the main qualities of health organizations is ability to accept risk. Death of a patient is a risk very common in such institutions. This acceptance enables the nurses to feel safe even after the death of a patient due to inability to control some diseases. Nurses should also be flexible in their time schedule. They should ensure that their schedules are not fixed to attend to any emergency issues in hospital. Flexibility is a value necessary for health institutions.

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Problem solving is a process that needs time to handle. However, in a health institution, the process may be fast to handle issues that may be emergent in nature. Handling a problem related to a patient whose condition is critical requires a high level of agency (Welcham & Grieger, 2005). In a two-person situation where an individual is supposed to influence a nurse, the technique of useless questions is applied to the best level. This involves asking the nurse some obvious questions such as, “I am quite sure you know about this. Don’t you?”. Other questions may be hypothetical in nature like, “What would you do if…?” Such questions provoke thinking, and the nurse may come up with a brighter idea than even the person that does the questioning (International Council of Nurses, 2006). Involving a person in thinking enables him or her to come up with the best solution possible, which he or she likes. Therefore, he or she will definitely solve the problem with dedication and compassion.

An example of the above method will be derived from Beach Healthcare Center where I worked some years back. A problem cropped up due to hacking of the network system within the hospital. All the crucial patients’ information and details were lost, and bothdoctors and nurses could not attend to patients. The top doctor called a meeting and asked them the above questions. One of the nurses rose and suggested paper method of storing information besides the normal computer or soft copy method. To handle the patients, she suggested that patients’ disease symptoms be analyzed as soon as possible for a fast prescription. The method worked, and almost all the patients were handled before the network issue was solved.

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