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Life in the university can be a great experience. Education can be fun but being a student means facing many obstacles. Some of the problems I encounter include financial support due to decreased cost of living, problems of choosing a major, homesickness, choosing the right friends/roommates, which may all sometimes result in a depression. Economic aspect is an issue due to the fact that tuition is usually high comparing to the cost of living, which has declined in recent years. Fortunately, my parents have tried their best to provide me with basic needs in accordance with financial possibilities. Colleges in my town are easily accessible. Northwestern University is the best option for me as they have a campus here in Doha, Qatar.

I am not married and do not have a family. Therefore, going to college will not have a serious impact on me. However, I must admit that sometimes I feel homesick as I miss my parents, siblings and even my dog. By luck, the university I want to study in has a campus in my town, therefore, I do not need to leave my country. It makes easier for me at least once in a while to go home and remove my homesick.

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I am committed to developing a good career and evolving strong study skills to help me excel in school work. I have improved my practical skills, which grows the chances of passing exams. I take into serious consideration the time I spend on particular activities to increase my productivity and efficiency. I want to concentrate only on my studies for now and do not will to work while studying at school. I am grateful for being healthy and trusted. I believe that every problem has a solution; therefore, I will take only well-considered actions in solving them. My parents will always help me to manage financial issues, I visit home while feeling homesick, try to choose my friends consciously. All these aspects will reduce any depression risk and make me healthy to concentrate on my school work.

Student’s life has many challenges. However, every problem has a solution and it is vital to make the best decisions to overcome them. As a student, I am happy to study at ‘home’ and be in a position to compete with the best in any part of the world. I want to improve my study skills, get the best grades and get a job in the communication industry after finishing the university I consider my choice to be correct, and want to pursue it to the end. 

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