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Free Example of Pakistan Essay

Pakistan (the Islamic Republic of Pakistan) is the sovereign country located in South Asia. Its population exceeds 180 million people; that is why it is considered to be the sixth country in the world in the terms of population. Pakistan appears to be a strategically important region of South Asia because of its location. A 1,046-kilometre coastline runs along the Gulf of Oman and the Arabian Sea in Pakistan.  The country borders Afghanistan, Iran, India and China.

Pakistan has been established in 1947 as a result of the Pakistan Movement, which has been led by Muhammad Ali Jinnah. The constitution of Pakistan has been adopted in 1956; after that Pakistan has become the Islamic republic. In 1971, the outcome of the civil war has been the East Pakistan secession and, as a result, a new country was established – Bangladesh.

Pakistan consists of four federal territories and four provinces and it is the federal parliamentary republic. There is a wide diversification of population in regard to the ethnical and language aspects. Its geography and wildlife also varies.

At the moment, Pakistan is considered to own the worlds’ seventh largest standing armed forces and, in addition, it has declared itself as a nuclear weapons state. Currently, it is the only nation in the Muslim world which has the status of a nuclear country.

The economical system of the country is semi-industrialized and it occupies the 27th place in the world due to its purchasing power. Concerning the nominal GDP, Pakistan is on the 47th place.

While referring to the post-independence history of the country, it is possible to state that it is mainly characterized by the political and military instability, and by the set of conflicts with India. Here are the most significant problems in the country: corruption, poverty, illiteracy, and terrorism.

Pakistan is the member state of G20 developing nations, Commonwealth of Nations, the United Nations and, in addition, it is the founding member of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (currently – Organisation of Islamic Cooperation).

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