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In today’s cutthroat competitive, getting success in any area of life is very tough. Whether it is education, sports, job or any other field – your knowledge, skills and overall personality play a very crucial role. You would sometimes wonder how some people get big success in their lives. Well, there must be some inspiration, hard work and perseverance hidden behind. In addition, a source of inspiration and guidance from seniors or family members work wonders.

Today competition has taken a new shape – it has started so earlier that if one does not recognize it, he or she will not be able to achieve the pinnacle of success. Yes, competition has started from the school age. School children though look so small and innocent, but they are fully aware of the importance of the word competition. Being a parent, it is your responsibility to look after your child’s education so that he or she could also enjoy the fragrance of success.

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Well, parents always want their children to be at the top but some parents cannot spend time with their children just because they are both working. Is there any solution for them to look after their child’s education? Should parents depend on their close relatives or other family members to assist them in education? These are some of the most fundamental questions that need to be answered. If you ask these questions to parents, they would definitely be in a dilemma answering them. Well, it is true that no one can take parents place especially when the child is in his growing phase.

Raising children for working parents is really difficult, but at the same time it is not impossible either.  It is therefore important to understand the psychology of children since time is the main factor for parents. What is crucial here is to realize the physical and emotional needs of your child. It does not matter how much time you spend with your children, what matters is how much quality time you spend with them. Following are some of the important points that need to be considered while raising a child in the psychosocial environment:

Provide a safe environment:

Keep you children away from physical or emotional stress. Communicate with your child in a friendly manner and ask about the school homework and other extra-curricular activities that he participated in. Check the feedback from the teachers and if the feedback is not satisfactory, just talk with your child and try to know where he is facing problems – once you know the problem, look for the easy solution.

Involve yourself in your child’s education:

It is always a good idea to communicate with your child’s teacher regularly. Ask about his development, strong and weak points, does he complete the homework properly and any other issues related to him. Assist your child in his homework but don’t do the homework. Talk to your child everyday about his school hours that he spent and activities he performed. It is very important to boost up your child if he achieves something in his school – this really improves confidence and self-esteem in him.

Keep away child from your professional world:

It is true that in today’s competitive world, employees also have lots of burdens in their organizations. Being working parents, you might have work burden that sometimes trigger stress, and anxiety inside you. Do not show that feelings in front of your child. Keep a distinction between personal and professional world. Talk with your child in the same way you always do. If you show the other side of you – your child may feel unsafe and his confidence level will go down. In addition, he may hesitate talking to you and the overall child-parent-communications will be affected.

Tech your child morals and values:

When your child grows, he learns new things and perceives those things very quickly. This is the time; you need to teach your child about honesty, respect for elders, forgiveness, etc. In addition, you can also teach your child some social behaviors and manners, for example, what to say while meeting a friend, elder, or unknown person. While eating dinner, you can teach you child how to use spoons and knives, and how to eat properly.

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