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Peony Hoiking Tam, a 21-year-old lady, was born in Hong Kong, a pearl of the Orient. She grew up in the middle of culture collision, thus she absorbed the two different cultures. Eastern wisdom and western logic are combined in her. Her first language was Cantonese, but English became her second language when she was a little child. When Peony returned to Hong Kong, she was forced to learn Mandarin to keep a good and convenient communication with her fellows. I first met Peony during my flight from Hong Kong to San Francisco, where we just exchanged names. The second time I met her in class and thought that it was my fate. The moment of meeting was tremendously exciting for both of us, as it just happened as a matter of fate. Further, I found out that she likes to spend her free time shopping, reading novels, and watching television dramas. Her favorite literary works are Harry Potter, a Tale of Two Cities, and a Midsummer Night's Dream. Her most preferable movies are love stories. Besides, Peony likes reading the Bible, as she believes that by so doing, she learns a lot of things about life. She keeps thinking that everybody should have a motto. "If you wish to be in the limelight, you will have to stand out, towering like a giant tree under the sun instead of a presumed lucky pipsqueak." These words are from Yu Minghong, Chairman and CEO of New Oriental Education Group in China. Peony loves it because it gives her endless motivation, courage and persistence. Peony highly values maintaining a healthy body, and this is what makes her keep a healthy timetable. She wakes up early and goes to bed early; moreover, she takes a bottle of water after getting up and a cup of milk before falling asleep. Peony always drinks tea  after having a meal. As for lunch, she prefers noodle as it is easy to cook and very nutritious. Peony loves sports such as swimming and basketball. Besides she takes exercise to keep her body’s physical fitness. Talking about her other features of character, Peony is a brave person. Moreover, she is also curious which makes her traveling around the world. She likes when she opens her passport and it is full of stamps. Peony likes to take photos from the places she visits. Beijing, Thailand, South Korea, Canada and various cities in the US are marked on the track of her life, and she plans to visit more places and thus to enrich and color her life. Talking about traveling, Peony adores the sunset and dishes in Vancouver, the power of nature in the Yellowstone National Park, the splendid history of Beijing, Great Salt Lake, which is as smooth as a mirror, in Salt Lake City, the smelling of money in Las Vegas and exciting life in Los Angeles. Everyone leaves a part of his heart in a certain city. For Peony, such a city is Los Angeles. She loves it with all her heart, enjoys the life there, and that is why she has decided to get her degree there. However, Peony’s studying communication in Los Angeles is not her single preference; she also likes working in Hollywood, executing her education plan.

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