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Many people state they like their lives, and enjoy living happily day to day. I believe any person alive should contribute to the society in general and to the local community where he or she lives. It is based on the simple principle that people should pay back for what they have got from anybody or anything.

A few years ago a friend of mine offered me to join the local Positive Thinkers Club. First I thought it was just a place to spend some time and chat with other young people, but it turned out everything is far more interesting. On becoming an active member of the club I commenced participating in the club activities. This included organizing free concerts for the youth with some new and unknown music bands involved, helping the community with fundraising for the local social projects, developing the agenda and conducting the local festivals and community fair etc. As some time passed, I turned from being an assistant to an active participant of all these events and the initiator of the new projects.

Currently I cannot be an active participant of the Club, but I found a couple of students ready to support me in commencing a similar project in our neighborhood. I intend to conduct a small research of the most urgent issues community fights with, and direct my efforts in that direction. I understand I will have to seek financial aid from the sponsors, but this will not stop me on my way to reaching the final goal – the most contribution to making the life in my community better. I feel really proud of myself, and continuous support of many people around me only proves my righteousness. I will use all the free time and resources I have to make the life of the people better and see more happy smiling faces around.

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