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 Education is the service that is hard to evaluate in the early stage of the performance. Education is the vital service for country to be examined. Therefore, the first quality dimension refers to the service performance. Primary operating characteristics of education consists of the reputation of the establishment, the qualification of teaching staff, the facilities that this establishment have in order to provide the high quality service and the environment in the establishment. The second dimension is about features of the product. Therefore, this quality range contains special awards that the establishment and its personnel has, the specific sport and scientific programs, the well known people that have graduated from this establishment. The next dimension is reliability. It is about the special programs designed for the students, the evaluation exams that can give information about the studying progress of the student. The fourth dimension is about conformance. This dimension refers to the certificates that establishment have gained from the special government departments and international organisations. Durability is about how long people will use this establishment for studying before changing it, this depends only on the customer forbearance. Serviceability is hard to find in the education, but this refers to the speed of problems solving that may occur during the education process. The last dimension is about aesthetics of the product. This factor refers to the external qualities of the establishment, uniform, etc.

 Empowerment can be defined as the process of the capacity increasing of individuals or groups that allows to make suggestions/choices and to implement those into needed/desired actions, solutions and outcomes. Once, I was working as the car sales manager. The couple came to the shop and was watching for the car. We have a good talk together and it was covered that they wanted to by the Mustang that we had in our shop. Everything was perfect except the price. It was too high for them and they asked about the discount. I knew that this discount can be made, but supervisor was at the meeting and I cannot ask him about it. We waited some time, and that this couple turn around at went to the shop opposite ours. In an hour they were driving their Mustang and smiled to me. This time I felt lack of empowerment that could help to earn money for the company.  Once, I was in the bank and I went to the worker that always served me, it was very bad when I  was told that she could not help me with the problem that have occurred because of lack of empowerment she had. People empowerment is a concept that hardly to implement in some organisations, because some people do not want to take more responsibilities, others do not cope with the work. Therefore, managers are afraid of giving people more opportunities in their tasks decision making, because of possibility that those tasks would be failed.

 The Baldrige criteria are the framework that can be applied by any organisation in order to improve its performance. E-commerce became very popular nowadays and it has some aspects that differentiate it from the traditional business. Leadership in e-commerce business performance can be applied to the firm if it has the personnel to affect. Strategic planning criteria is vital for any organisation, because it defines the directions where firm wants to come one definite day. Customer and market focus is the main strategy that company should use, because e-commerce organisations rely only on the customers’ needs and wants. Effective management is the key criteria for any business, and different types of analysis should be made by the e-commerce organisation in order to be successful and to change and improve at the way customers want. Criteria of human resource focus is vital, because workforce creates, develops, improve services that your company provides. Process management for e-commerce is needed only in the case if company produce or redistribute things. Business results should always known despite of firm kind, because only evaluation business areas of customer satisfaction, human resources, financial and marketplace performance, and etc can give full understanding about where the company is, where it is going, and where it will come to.

 UAE recently had established the enforcement and formulation of standards. The Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA) recognised to standardize its business performance to the international standards and associated elements.  In 1993 the ISO 9000 certification system was firstly introduced in the UAE. This certification was applied because it guarantees that the organisation with the ISO 9000 certificate has the highest level of quality. The firms that are ISO 9000 certified also need to develop a new management system that should have Abu Dhabi EHSMS requirements. The ISO 9000 system is the set of quality management standards. It makes the basis of improvement of the quality assurance system of the business due to the international standards. ISO 9000 consists of 20 elements of standards. UAE organisation try to imply the ISO 9000 standards because they give them more opportunities in the business performance and the continuous improvement of the services and products make company highly competitive that rises its profits and reputation.

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