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Once I woke up during the night after having a nightmare, I screamed and started crying because I had a nightmare. But in a second I saw my mother running to my bed as always when I needed her. She spoke to me softly stroking my hair and assuring me that everything is good now because mommy is here. Even though I was very young then, I remembered for my whole life that I never have to be afraid again because mommy is here.

Being an adult now, I finally realize how difficult and stressful it was for my mum to raise me and take care of me for which I will never be able to explain how grateful I am. Providing me with everything that I needed and always supporting me, she would never complain or let me notice that she is upset or tired. Behind her eternal femininity and maternity, there was such a strong power and courage that anyone would be envious. She has always been very supportive and encouraged me to be strong on the way to my aim. My mother was my inspirations in life, and her influence helped me build positive personal qualities like being kind, purposeful, being able to help other people, and never give up no matter how difficult things are. I would not be a person I am now if not for my mom`s influence on me and her burning desire to help.  She always made me feel special and loved through the worst and the best times. It meant the world to me since I was sure that even when everything goes wrong, I would find my consolation in her understanding eyes, warm hands, loving cuddles, and soft words. My mother always knows how to put a smile on my face with a simple word.

Unlike other people, my mum has always been there for me in every situation. She comforted me when I was upset and was sharing my happiness. I can say without a doubt that she has always been my best friend who would never let me down. That is how I know that my mother’s support and understanding help me to be a better person.

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