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I, Xinyao Yun, in my 19 years of life have endeavored to be all that I can be in this great country. Since my enrollment in Elementary school at Tie Lu Elementary School, in Canton, China between 1999 and 2005; my interest in communication was ignited. I developed an interest in learning how to communicate with other students who could not understand me. As a result, I consistently observed how teachers and students who were significantly different due to the ethnic diversity of the school and community.

Significantly, I attempted to develop my own unique communication method with my friends, where we communicated through defined gestures and monosyllables which had a different meaning. This challenged me to develop a skill where I could be able to communicate effectively with people who had problems in communication; therefore, resulting to their being misunderstood by others in society. While I was in middle, School at Pei Zheng Middle School, I observed a student who had difficulty in communicating with others as a result of a speech problem.  After paying attention to him, I managed to understand him; as a result, I was able to help him communicate with other students. It is at this time that I felt the exhilarated by my ability to communicate with an individual who could not be understood by others.

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Meanwhile, I as I advanced to high school, my understanding in communication continued to develop, I realized that communication was not constrained to speech, but can take various forms like poetry, film, music or the use of gadgets and instruments. While in high school at Experimental high school in Canton I actively participated in piano classes and competitions where I emerged the best at a competition held in Guangzhou City, China in 2008. The practical applications of communication become apparent as I participated in various academic and extracurricular activities such as dance and music. Additionally, I observed that most personal, academic and professional functions significantly rely on communication for efficient and effective execution of tasks.

My enrollment to North Seattle Community College Seattle in Washington, USA was a god sent opportunity to pursue my goals. My interest in the unique nature of how film integrates various themes, values and lessons in the plot motivates me to excel in my chosen discipline. As a result, I have to work hard in my academics in a bid to succeed in realizing my goals to become a director. My arrival in the United States is a crucial step in realizing my potential; meanwhile, my spoken and written English has significantly improved.

Thus, my choice of communication as a major in Los Angeles Trade-Tech College Los Angeles, California and East Los Angeles College where I currently study was the best choice given my talents and skills.  I have a strong GPA of 3.5, where I have particularly excelled in mathematics, more so, in high school where I was ahead of 800 students. My high performance in the subject has resulted from my interest in solving intricate problems through analytical processes, logical approach to problems and understanding the context of the problem.

While, in my initiative to excel in communication has influenced my choice in the career path that I wish to pursue, I have engaged in extracurricular activities such as singing, dancing and playing piano. These activities have critically helped me to appreciate the significance of communication in personal and professional lives of people on a daily basis. As a result, I realized that, through my piano playing skills, I could communicate to others.

Since, my arrival in the United States two years ago, I have taken the initiative of learning on how to communicate with different people according to their personalities. This has enabled me to solve various problems while at the same time preventing the occurrence of additional difficulties to my transition from China. This has enabled me to integrate myself into the American social life and affiliate myself with different social, developmental groups in school.

My interpersonal communication skills have been developed through patience, perseverance and personal discipline. The realization of my goals is critical; therefore, I have endeavored to utilize my communication skills as a means in which I express ethical conduct of my duties.

My sense of justice and the belief that people should be given equitable opportunities to pursue their personal and professional goals; will be a basis in which my work is premised. I realize that in order to achieve this, I required to take an aggressive approach to my studies. It is my wish to transfer to your university for a four year course beginning fall 2013.

I believe that your university is the best place for me to develop and grow myself while at the same time contributing to the institutions intellectual wealth. I have realized that communication is not only essential for personal growth, but it is a crucial aspect of the social, economic and political development of any culture, society or nation. Therefore, my desire to be a film director is motivated by communicating to the world through film the past and present events, social, cultural, economic and political issues affecting people’s daily lives.

It is my belief that if given the opportunity; I will contribute to the University fraternity through my acquired skills and the new skills and experience I hope to acquire in accepted. Through my interpersonal and communication skills, I hope to cultivate new relationships in the university which will endeavor to improve my skills and experiences in communication.

I am an ambitious, hard working, enthusiastic and disciplined individual who believes that if given an opportunity to join your university will excel exceedingly. It is my hope that this statement as a communication media will express my interest and desire to join your esteemed student fraternity. It is my sincere hope that you will allow me the chance to develop and improve upon my skills; therefore, initiating the roadmap to career as a successful director in the film industry.

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