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Free Example of Plagiarism Essay

Plagiarism has become the most serious threat facing the academic discipline. The serious impacts of plagiarism are often ignored but the consequences are massively felt when students are left to enter the practical world where the student is required to act and apply knowledge. In the practical world, copying and pasting are no longer applicable. This can better be exemplified in students pursuing courses where honesty, trust and integrity become an essential tool e.g. medicine and nursing. When such students engage in plagiarism, they end up forgetting the learned content almost immediately. When it comes to dealing with patients, they experience distress and frustration leading to inappropriate behavior towards patient such as rudeness and aggression. They deliberately undermine key activities.

Take the example of Charles, a student from a poor background and a medical student struggling with the professional requirements and complexity of his course. Since the first year, he has just been passing by and struggling to reach the minimum required grade, through the struggles with APA, MLA Citation, content Organization and research. Luckily he passes by until to the final year and goes to the field. In the medical field, things are tough. He can hardly recall the things he learnt in medical school. He becomes morally distressed, becomes rude to patients and often misses work. He cannot serve patients and the management is eventually forced to let him go. He results to alcohol and his family is left in total devastation

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Background information

Defining plagiarism in education

Plagiarism in the academic discipline has become a common phenomenon. The definition of plagiarism often defers between scholars. In trying to define the term, the term has often been confused with other academic misconducts such as cheating. While students often know that plagiarism is wrong, they are often unaware of how to define the term. In the academic field, plagiarism takes many forms. Firstly, plagiarism can take the form of a student submitting the same documents over and over again. Many who engage in this type of plagiarism are often unaware of the fact that they are conducting plagiarism.  Plagiarism can also occur in an academic situation where a person forgets the source of their information and fails to cite it or when a person hands in someone work as if it were there own. Auto-plagiarism also occurs in the case of individuals who fail to cite themselves.

Changes in attitudes about plagiarism

Current trends clearly illustrate the changes in the trend in plagiarism. For a start, current academic definition often concentrate on citation styles in written work forgetting other sources of plagiarism such as pictures and speeches e.g. when a person stands to give a speech, they hardly cite the source of their work (Angelil-Carter 67). On the other hand, in examination, individuals are forced to give information as if it were there own because of the restrain in time.  Citation styles often differ greatly today between disciplines. History citation style is often different from biology citation style. On the other hand, publications are cited differently from reflective pieces. All these differences reflect the current changes that have led to increase in plagiarism because of the confusion on which citation to use.

Changes in prevalence of plagiarism

Plagiarism has become a serious concern in almost every discipline. Solutions to the problem are regularly being sought. In the academic discipline, students are being offered dissertation covers sheets and course handbooks in order to conform to rules. While in the past no guidelines were being offered by institutions to students, today students are constantly being taught on how to avoid plagiarism and are constantly being instructed on how to reference documents. But on the other hand, teaching students on how to avoid plagiarism is often accompanied by complexity and rebellion. Compulsory modules during induction are often too complex and filled with rules that students follow without learning.

Other institutions have resulted to detection software’s that greatly reduce plagiarism. Software’s such as Copy Catch can be used by instructors to check the authenticity of information. Though this software’s have become essential in reducing plagiarism, they have not been wholly effective (Bannister 89). The worry on how much content the search engine can cover on the internet portrays the inability of the devices to adequately fight plagiarism. A combination of 11 software’s to detect plagiarism revealed that the software’s could only detect 42% of the content on the internet (Jameton 56). On the other hand, few instructors have embraced the role this software can play in detecting plagiarism.

Expert testimony about the problem of plagiarism

The American Nurses Association has been in the forefront in promoting honesty and ethics among its students through its 2000 ethics code.  While condemning plagiarism in his 2009 book, Tippit et al. question the education systems in allowing nurses to go to the field with inappropriate skills that later have enormous impact on the patient (Hinchliffe 56).

Impacts of plagiarism

The impacts of plagiarism are enormous. Plagiarism has negatively affected the education systems all over the world. For a start, it has affected the trustworthy relationship that existed between teachers and student. Every student has become a suspect in an environment which was once filled with trust. When a student is found in the offence, they face dire consequences. In the United States, more than a thousand students get suspensions for plagiarism related offences. In addition it has increased the workload of teachers. Teachers have to constantly check submitted information in software’s (Fox 34). There is no doubt that plagiarism has reduced the creativity and innovation of students.  Economically, time has become a waste. While many researchers spend their time researching and writing on key aspects, many students reverse the impact of such time by merely copying and pasting the information. Morally, it has become difficult to access information that is authentic. The internet has become the easier option where people can easily download information and submit it as there own. Therefore, money has become a waste because students cannot be able to buy books that authentic


Plagiarism is definitely become a threat to the society. Its impacts have spread from the academic discipline to the practical world. The impacts are spreading to the social, economic and moral decay of the society. 

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