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Free Example of Politicians and Feminism Distortion Essay

The politics of feminism has changed over the last decade, especially from 1970s. Basically, it must e acknowledged that representation of women in a political system is a good show of democratic dispensation. Many scholars and opinion leaders alike have opined that the present recognition of feminists in the political system is a clears show of the benefits that has come from long years of struggle. Over the last three decades, several governments have emerged with sweet proposals to expand status and rights of women in the society through state agencies. These women’s policy agencies are occasionally referred to as “state feminist” (Lovenduski & Baudino 96), a fiercely contested term. Some people have termed it an oxymoron- mostly used to refer to women in government due to political connections and their role in feminists’ activities.

While there’s no problem with this kind of representation, it is apparent that such an arrangement has diluted the role of what used to be feminism that catered for every woman’s needs through political, economic, and cultural empowerment. In many occasions, the notion that a political party or a government has made several appointments in an effort to empower women holds little if majority of the women are still left out in the backwardness because they are not able to self-sustain. In what I would not hesitate to call internal-feminists discrimination, the role of these government-imposed feminists is simply to flaunt their achievements in terms of wealth acquired, prizes collected, and praises received.            

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Whether it was out of conscience or just a political statement when President George W. Bush said in 2004 that civilization itself depends on traditional marriage, it is clear to understand the role such statement in defining the minds of the people in the wider society. In a more advanced view, it is clearly understandable that politicians argue about what role should feminists play in the political sphere, albeit after clear identity has been established- an identity that contentious in the general societal set-up. This kind of ambiguity forces them (politicians) to make a more subtle judgment about the dimension of feminism and role of feminists, mostly defined by the media.       


It is apparent that the term feminism is more ambiguous than never before. The expansion of feminism scope and narrowing of the feminists by the media and politicians has defined public perception on what the term actually means and its role in the society. In reality, feminist is an everyday women involved in several struggles to better her life and that of her fellows in relations to political, social, cultural and economic welfare. This kind of distortion can be associated to commercial desire of the media, the political ambition of politicians, and the public’s acceptance of the simple version of feminism. In short, the media and politicians would prefer to deal with a few ‘feminists’ with expanded roles to accomplish their own interests. 

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