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Experience- what is it like working in this scene- with your scene partner

It was an incredible experience working with my partner, Laura, on the scene. Laura is a prostitute called upon by Chandler to escape the realms of his protective mother and have similar experiences as other young men. The scene-setting is in Chandler’s house and revolves around him trying to make the best use of this experience. The scene shows the stumbling blocks he faces in trying to achieve his quest of having sex with a girl. The first stumbling block is his overprotective mother coupled with his flip-flopping conscience.

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Working on this scene with Laura was a captivating experience. Adapting to the strong language that Laura uses is a fascinating task. Laura uses straightforward but seducing language to get Chandler in the mood of having sex. At times, she gets impatient and tells Chandler of the many customers she has to serve especially Bonzo in a night. Chandler on his part keeps on deflecting as it is his first experience to be with a woman. He uses the excuse of searching for the wine bottle to buy time. Chandler is an innocent and naïve guy, who has limited experience in dealing with women, so the sometimes vulgar and straightforward language she uses bothers him.

The experience of acting as Chandler is an intriguing one. The role calls for resilience, awareness, self-sufficiency, and reliance. For the audience to be convinced and entertained during the performance, I have to create a state of the illusion of being in the circumstances of Chandler and the presence of the experienced and vulgar Laura. The role calls for resilience in mastering all the tactics of creating the illusion to the audience. It also calls for self-awareness of the circumstances engulfing the scene. My instincts had to be at their best to achieve a standard of excellence so as to best present the play to the audience to achieve the set goals and objectives.

Benefits and Challenges- Acting Success and challenges experienced

The role played in the play developed in me a character of resilience, self-awareness, self-reliance and sufficiency. The experience of acting the role has generated a character of awareness of the objectives and goals during acting. It has enabled me to employ the performing tools so as to set a standard and effectively convince and entertain the audience. The role of Chandler has created a motivation in acting. The experience has cast away self-doubt. Before the role, there was a lack of self-belief to achieving successful participation as an actor in a play. The experience has had the positive results of removing self-doubt and motivating me to achieve more as an actor. It has also cast away the fear of rejection by the audience. Through the improved belief in my acting skills, I have mastered skills of aligning with the audience to reduce the chances of rejection. The body and mind of an actor conflict during the performance. The actor's body movements may not create the illusion of the circumstances expected in the play. Escaping reality to create the play illusion is mandatory to move the audience and gain their acceptance.

The biggest challenge during the role of Chandler in the play was escaping reality and creates the illusion of being in Chandler’s predicaments. The audience has to feel the challenges facing Chandler in the play. They have to explore the challenges he faces as a hemophilic and his quest of having experience of the unprotected world of his mother.  The actors have to display and present the scenes in a clear and entertaining way to gain the acceptance of the audience while at the same time entertaining. The actor has to be consistent with the circumstances of the play for the audience to successfully feel the issues presented in the play. To successfully navigate the challenge I had to employ stage performance instincts to achieve a standard of excellence expected of performance.

Advice- to a fellow CSUB student thinking about becoming an actor

For an individual wishing to be an actor, there are a number, of skills and characteristics he must employ. The new actor must have a character of resilience, self-sufficient, self-awareness, self-reliance, and ruthless. The actor in order to cast away self-doubt has to be composed. It is normal to be anxious before performances, but resilience should prevail. The actor has to aware of his surroundings on stage so as to effectively use it to his advantage in making the performance lively as possible. The actor should not rely on other character’s performances so as to perform well. The actor should be self-reliant, which can only, be achieved by cultivating a sense of belief in one’s acting skills. The last characteristic that he should possess is seriousness in his acting roles. He should take his tasks seriously and give his utmost performance on stage.

The actor should know and master a number of performance skills to succeed as an actor. The body language of the actor should be in line with the role played during the performance. Conflicting body language with the role players will lead to the actor not achieving his objective of creating an illusion of the circumstances engulfing the play. The lack of belief of the audience can lead to rejection by the audience. The actor will also employ a number of other verbal and performance skills to achieve his purpose. The actor can use tonal variations to create a mood and tone expected in the scene. Therefore, the actor should be assertive in mastering any relevant skill or cue that will help him to become a better performer.

Benefits- how the study of acting has improved “Pedestrian” life off stage

The role in the play as Chandler in the play has imparted in me a number of traits that could be beneficial in other tasks, in life. The skills and traits could help in achieving goals and objectives in private and professional life. The skills of effectively communicating with the audience are beneficial in both private and professional life. The essentialness of effective communication to achieve the best results in tasks undertaken cannot be stressed enough. The skills have led to improved private relationships. They have also improved professional relationships through improved communication.

The study of acting, in general, has been beneficial in imparting self believe, resilience, self-reliance, and awareness. It has reduced self-doubt in the tasks I take. Every subsequent I have undertaken has produced preferential results. This can be attributed to the sense of self believe gained from the acting roles in the acting classes. The acting roles in the study, often, demand extra effort to learn and undertake successfully. This demands resilience from every person taking the study. It often takes doing and redoing a task before achieving desired goals. Therefore, resilience is a trait every actor must possess. This resilience gained from class is beneficial in other private and professional tasks. A number of other tasks demand resilience to successfully achieve their set goals. It has been, therefore, beneficial in achieving them. Lastly, acting classes have imparted in me a sense of self-awareness. They have made me more appreciative of the surroundings. Appreciating and making the best use of the surrounding has resulted in benefits, in both private and professional undertakings.

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