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After making all the plans in regards to the project, the next step of the project becomes the creation of an interdependent project team. The chosen team is the foundation of the project (Allan, 2009). The characteristics and strengths of every member should be carefully evaluated because at the end, their strength must be utilized to the maximum to achieve the project goal.

Step1: Identifying an interdependent and unitary team

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In the first step of creating a unitary team for the project, the project coordinator should source for appropriate individuals and assemble them into the team. This step requires a thorough background check of the project itself. The project coordinator must carefully analyze the objectives and cite out the essential characteristics in the individuals who will work together to achieve the project goals. These individuals will be responsible for analyzing the existing trends and processes as well as identifying gaps and means to fill the existing gaps. The team will be in the forefront of project design. It is therefore essential to source for individuals with the best knowledge in the field.

Step 2: Dividing the project activities and subdividing the team into individual groups

It is necessary to come up with a criteria for evaluating the essential characteristics as well as a list of possible areas to source for the individuals e.g. if the project will be geared at reducing water pollution, a criteria of possible expertise in water pollution is necessary i.e. will it be undergraduate students in water pollution, will they be postgraduate or experienced practitioners. Still in this step, it will be necessary to sub divide the overall team into different groups playing different functions e.g. a group in charge of design, another for leadership and another comprising of all stakeholders or individuals who will be affected by the project.

The subdivision of the team members into individual groups should be based on the individual strengths, weaknesses, skills as well as the temperament type.

Step 3: Listing each memberís task, interest and impact to the project

After the team as been subdivided into the three groups, it will be necessary for each group to come together and create an essential list of all the activities they will be engaged in depending with the objectives of the project. Every member must be involved in this part of the project so that each individual is allocated a task that they best fit in. As a first step in this section, all the team members must be involved in a cooperative activity of citing all the activities that the group will be engaged in e.g. the design group will consist of activities in the factors under investigation and the set objectives for the experiment. After identifying all the activities, each member will be involved in choosing a task they best qualify to conduct.

The individuals will be then involved in listing the possible impact and interest they will have in the project. This will enable individual responsibility and accountability to the project. Each individual will be involved in setting the standards to meet, and they will direct their energy to achieve those objectives.

Step 4: Creating a clear hierarchy of command for the whole project

In the final step of part 2, the team should come together; the individual groups should submit the activities they will be engaged in and the name of the members who will be performing the individual task to create a clear hierarchy of command for the whole project. This should show clearly the interdependence between the team members and assist in promoting accountability. The members should be sure of the various command levels and the person to speak to incase of a problem. The process will also help to establish a reporting mechanism that will be necessary for the success of the project (Frank, 2009).


In conclusion, part 2 mainly presents the gradual process of ensuring that individual members in the team work together to achieve the goals of the project. It is necessary to constitute a proper plan for the project, in Part 1, that will act as a guide for this part of the project. The role each individuals plays, and the coordination of all the team activities must be constructed carefully to achieve the project goals.†

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