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Psychology as a study focuses on the mind and other aspects such as the behavior of an individual. Research on understanding self and others asserts that individuals constantly experience moods of joy and anger, which they need to control effectively. Psychology provides an in depth understanding of the behavior of individuals in society hence facilitating improved relations between people. With psychology, individuals would be in a better position to understand the different mental functions happening in the mind. The research points out that psychology facilitate processes such as job interviews and training. Therefore, the study of psychology is vital because it enables people understand their strengths and weaknesses, which is a measure of one’s potential. Psychology is an inevitable subject in the lives of individuals because it is vital to understand how to deal with different individuals basing on their mental capabilities and behavior.

This essay explicates myriad issues relating to the research on Psychology: Understanding Self and Others to facilitate a deeper understanding of the field of psychology.

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The research points out that the nature of psychology can be understood from different viewpoints. The nature of psychology can be understood from the manner in which individuals receive information from the environment and perceive different objects, the approach that people take in solving problems, the manner in which people cope with various problems in their lives, and the way in which people learn and remember different subjects. According to the psychological research on understanding oneself and others, all the aforementioned viewpoints involve the use of the brain and the mind. The research observes that the brain has a physical structure while the mind constitutes its functional unit. Thus, psychology ranks among science because it deals with the mental issues of individuals and their behavior in society.

The work of psychologists is based on two key goals. Firstly, they are always aimed at understanding and explaining behavior complexities among individuals. This entails a keen analysis of the consistent behavior among different individuals in society. The research notes that they observe fluctuations in the behavior of an individual hence coming up with different inferences and conclusions. Another key aim is to contribute to the quality of the lives of individuals. Psychologists improve the quality of lives through intensive counseling, career guidance, consultancy, and education guidance. Therefore, psychologists employ the rich psychological knowledge when dealing with problems relating to individuals.

The development of psychology was a gradual process. The research asserts that famous scholars and teachers from Ancient India such as Charaka, Vatsayan, and Kautilya provided foundations for the development of psychology (School of Psychology 7). In the Western world, psychology came up as a scientific discipline in the 19th Century. Thus, psychology can be classified into various schools, which include structuralism, functionalism, behaviorism, gestalt, and psychoanalysis. Structuralism deals with the study of consciousness and its components. Functionalism deals with memory, consciousness, learning, growth, and adaptation of living things. Behaviorism psychology is a school of psychology whose principal focus is the behavior of individuals. Gestalt deals with the consciousness of individuals and the holistic view of individuals. Psychoanalysis gave the significance of anxiety, disorders, and conflicts in the discipline of psychology. All these schools played a significant role in the understanding of psychology. The field of psychology has witnessed other major developments through the informational theory and computational methods that constitute its knowledge.

There are various perspectives that exist in the field of psychology include biological, behavioral, psychodynamic, cognitive, humanistic, and Indian perspectives. The biological perspective considers behavior human beings as a biological structure and their behavior is viewed in physical terms. The perspective points out that the behavior of individuals has a physiological basis. The behavioral perspective asserts that the behavior of individuals depends on their interaction with the environment. Psychodynamic perspectives point out that individuals are always unaware of some of their actions in the course of their lives. This means that they act in a manner that they cannot account for their actions later on. The cognitive perspective focuses on how individuals know and understand the world surrounding them. It deals with how individuals get to learn new things in their environment. The humanistic perspective views human beings as perfect beings that are responsible for their actions. The Indian perspective focuses on the problems of human beings in their environment. The perspective reports that human beings are always in constant interactions with their environment and are prone to certain problems that must be solved. These perspectives are subject to limitations such as behavior changes. It is difficult to measure the behavioral attributes of individuals, and the influence of the society on the behavior of human beings.

Psychology is closely related to other fields that include Sociology, Anthropology, Education, and Biology and Neuroscience. All of these fields are vital as they complement the field of psychology. Collectively, these fields are referred to as behavioral sciences because of their immense interest in the behavior and relationships of human beings. It is vital to establish the relationship between psychology and other fields in order to determine the true relationship between human beings and their environment. The research on the relationship between human beings and others in the environment indicates that it is vital to establish this relationship because of the diverse nature of human beings in society. Thus, the relationship must be established in order to ensure that significant principles relating to the field of psychology are established.

The subject of psychology can be divided into a myriad of fields that investigate different issues in society. The key fields include experimental and cognitive psychology, physiological and comparative psychology, developmental psychology, social psychology, educational and school psychology. Experimental and cognitive psychology is concerned with psychological processes such as learning, memory, motivation, and emotions. The social field deals with the relationships between individuals and others and the surrounding environment. Physiological and comparative psychology is concerned with investigations into the origins of behavior among human beings. It tries to investigate the manner in which individuals behave in relation to their environment and the origin of such actions (School of Psychology, 11). Developmental psychology is concerned with the continuous changes in the behavior of human beings. It commits itself to the analytical study of how human beings’ behavior changes.

The current trends in the field of psychology include the emphasis on cultural context, breakthrough in neurosciences, and multidisciplinary concerns. The cultural context trend emphasizes that the phenomena relating to human beings is understood in a particular cultural setting. There has also been a current breakthrough in neurosciences increasing the knowledge in psychology. Psychology is also viewed from a multidisciplinary perspective as it relates to different fields.

In conclusion, psychology is the study of human behavior and the activities of the mind.  With psychology, individuals would be in a better position to understand the different mental functions happening in the minds of human beings. The research on understanding oneself and others points out that psychology facilitates processes such as job interviews and training. Therefore, the study of psychology is vital because it enables people understand their strengths and weaknesses, which is a measure of one’s potential. Psychology is a developing field that is still undergoing grounding studies and researches in the entire globe. These studies would ensure that it grows into a field that would accommodate many other areas and help in the development of human beings.

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