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Free Example of Record Retention Policy Essay

The importance of keeping records especially for patients is to ensure that reference is made whenever required. This helps patients get proper treatment that is in line with their ailment history. My task is to come up with a record retention policy that will be used by healthcare providers.


The purpose of the record retention policy is to facilitate provision of quality and timely healthcare to patients who visit the hospital. The records will be maintained for future reference.


The policy will represent the City hospital policies which guides the way the records should be handled and disposed. It also stipulates how the records will be kept whether it’s manually or electronically. In our case the files will have to be stored electronically. This is in line with the modern way of handling records.


The officers who will be in charge of handling the records will be medical practitioners working in the registry area. This will be in accordance to the guidelines stipulated in the hospitals policy. It is believed that the problem on record handling occurs in situation where no well defined officers have the responsibility to take care of such records. This policy will help to solve such an issue.

Suspension of Records

 Records will be suspended in situations where the patient or the medical doctor attached to the patient requests for them. No other person will be expected to move or request for the files. This will enable smooth transition of records to departments required and at the convenient time they are needed.


This policy will commence once the board approves it. It may take sometime after the approval in order to put the required electrical gadgets necessary in place. The hospital is expected to transfer all records being handled manually to an electrical form. This will go a long way in ensuring transparency and efficiency in provision of treatment to the patients.

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