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It was a situation when I perceived a friend as "other”. I noticed him excluded from the organization’s party. Exclusion in the work place can arise from the differences in culture, race, heritage, gender, age, sexual orientation, and other characteristics like gender identity. Peter faced exclusion from the party due to racial discrimination. Racial discrimination became apparent since peter was the only black in the group yet he was not enlisted to attend the evening bash.

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Diversity is the otherness, but people should engage in positive diversity. The experience that peter underwent was unfair as it made him feel unwanted and rejected in the company. In fact, he could not comprehend what made the manager exclude him, and since he was the only black made him conclude it as a case of racial discrimination. I felt this was a case of discrimination and failure to acknowledge diversity in the workplace. Such an institution presented a barrier to diversity, and internally, I felt that the management could examine and remove such a vice. The lesson I learned from peter’s case is that negative ethnicity or racism is counterproductive in any organizational set-up. This is because the incidence later impacted negatively on the motivation, performance, interaction, and success of my friend in that firm. The perception was that it was the management practice to favour some races while disregarding the feelings of the minority in the organization. From the study, the right practise in the organizations is not to discriminate anyone when working or seeking employment on the basis of gender, colour, race, national origin, sex, religion, pregnancy, medical condition or physical disability. This principle should apply to privileges like training, recruitment, promotion, selection, salary, demotion, and separation (Gröschl, 2011).

In conclusion, the case made me perceive the blacks like Peter as the “other”, who suffer discrimination based on race and origin.

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