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Human development refers to process by which human beings become biologically mature, whereas learning is the process of acquiring new skills and knowledge. Learning also includes modification of existing skills, knowledge and behaviors.

Key Concepts learnt in the Course

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For my part, some of the key concepts that I have learned in this course include the four major approaches to developmental theories namely the psychodynamic theories, learning theory, cognitive development theory and the ecological and systems approach to development theory. For example, I have learnt that emotions and attitudes greatly affect our ability to acquire, absorb and synthesize information. This explains why an angry person may behave in a socially unacceptable manner.

Another important concept that I have learnt in this lesson is that learning and development are interrelated from the very first day of the life of an individual, and goes on continuously throughout the lifetime of the person. Through detailed analysis of various theories of development studied in this course such as the cognitive development theory and the ecological and systems approach to development theory, I have learned about the influence of the environment on human development and learning processes. For instance, I have about the surrounding environmental in a family setting influence the ability of children to master a language.

Previously held Assumption

One of the major assumptions that I held that this course has challenged by giving me a new cause to rethink is the belief that the surrounding environment has no influence on our learning processes. I often believed that learning results from biological maturity and other process that occur in the human mind. However, this course has elaborated to me that learning is a combination of both biological and environmental processes.

How the Course has influenced my Present and Future

In my view, this course has influenced my perspectives about human development as well as learning among human beings. Moreover, the concepts that I have learned in this course would influence my future work by providing a comprehensive outlook of how people develop and learn. In my future work, the knowledge I have gained from this course would help me understand how people learn new concepts at the workplace, for example, I would be able to understand why some people may resist organizational changes introduced in the company, whereas other workers would swiftly accept and embrace the same organizational changes. For my part, I believe that this is brought about by differences in human development and learning capabilities as explained by the cognitive developmental theory.

Areas that I would like to Explore further

For my part, one of the areas that I would like to explore further is the learning process among human beings. I would like to gain more insights and comprehensive understandings of the learning process as well as the various factors such as the surrounding environment that may influence the learning process. This would be achieved through reviewing previous research studies that have been conducted to explore the subject. I would personally also conduct a research study to find out more information about the learning process in humans.

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