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Dear Friends,

Today I will advise you on how to terminate a romantic relationship in eight stages. You know that love and passion are the feelings that move the world. However, not always live in the hearts of people for a long time. If love passes, leaving only a habit after itself and nothing more, the union of two people turns into a sad ordinary or in torture with mutual reproaches. Such relationships should be terminated at an appropriate time.

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“Love is such a beautiful feeling that it makes the whole world seem a much nicer place to live in, at least for the first few months/years. A relationship goes through a number of phases before being strong enough to culminate in marriage. Most of couples do not realize this and believe that the honeymoon phase will go on forever. This is definitely not true and the reality dawns upon the partners only after they have spent considerable time with each other. If they manage to do this, they remain together forever. If they don’t, the result is a break up”.

The relations change at the same time when people change. People change, and a forty-year-old man is a little similar to a twenty-year-old boy. Therefore, the relations change in the process of growing a couple.

People are not capable to estimate the relations adequately in a love regime. The trifles, which could irritate people in usual life, are not noticed at the moment of love. The majority of people are not ready for such discoveries in their relationship; that is why it can lead to the termination of a romantic relationship. Actually, people are not ready to live with each other. During this moment, they are not ready for each other in such a new role.

The decision about the termination of the relationship should be well considered and weighed. If one definitely decided to separate, one should remember that there is no way back. If one, having said to the partner about the termination of the relationship, one should start hesitating; it brings big sufferings and unreasonable hopes to the former beloved person.

“The decision to terminate a relationship can arise from an array of reasons and be attributed to multiple discrepancies. However, there is a focus on only three explanations for the end of a romantic relationship (a) normal dyadic dissolution, (b) fatal attraction dissolution, or (c) social allergen dissolution”.

One should prepare a partner for such a conversation. A person should get ready for the conversation. It is not necessary to use such methods as communication restriction, quarrels and reproaches. If one cannot cope with the negative emotions first of all it is better to calm down and then talk about the extinct feelings. It is always difficult to separate with a person who was very close to your heart. However, one should take all possible efforts, avoid long painful sufferings and terminate everything in the best way.

Perhaps, the most important thing is to remember during this period that the termination of relations does not mean the end of the life. In fact, this space opens the new possibilities for one’s own freedom, the beginning of a new love is the following step in life. In order to make the procedure not so painful, I would advice to keep a respect for the previous feelings and the beloved person, but to be sure in the accepted decision.

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There are 8 important stages of the termination of relationships.

The first stage is the feeling of a distance with the partner. The behavior becomes frequent haughty, hostile and caustic. There is also separation at a physical level: one ceases to walk together, do not spend leisure time together and also one works long hours or surfs through the Internet. This is the beginning of the termination of the relationship. However, such a behavior forces your partner to feel vulnerable, thrown and lonely. The most destructive thing is to become isolated in this situation when the partner tries to find out what is going on. Being at a distance with a partner leads to the loss of self-respect of a partner.

The second stage is to avoid the situation in which a partner himself/herself wants to separate. Unfortunately, people are able to sabotage the relations in different ways. Of course, one can refuse sex; start to flirt with the common friends or to drown the problem in alcohol and drugs. Instead, I recommend being simply sincere. One should tell sincerely to his/her partner that a decision to terminate these relations has been already accepted.

The third stage includes the avoidance of the standard clichés. One should never use such phrases as “I need more time for work” or “I need more privacy”. One should be honest and direct. When the feelings are accurately expressed, one can avoid the different interpretations. In this case honesty helps to terminate the relationship in the fastest way.

The fourth stage supposes the avoidance of such serious conversations in public places. In order to start this stage, one should get ready for it. One should start with such statements as: “I need to talk to you about something very important”. It will help to pave the way for the unpleasant news.  

The next stage is not to mix the desires. When one decided to terminate the relationships, one should limit all relations, including intimate. A lot of people are trying to get in touch and have warm relations after a split up, but it is extremely cruel.

The sixth stage is called “Abiens, abi!”. When one definitely decided to terminate the relationship, it is necessary to have a certain orientatation for the control of own behavior. One should have no contact for at least four weeks. It will help to avoid bad behavior. If one wants to be friends with your ex partner, you should wait for some time, to make friends and get in touch after a long time. It is very difficult to keep warm relationship after separation. However, a few people get in touch and make friends for a long time after the termination of the relationship.

The termination of the romantic relations should not obligatory be the completion of communication and friendship between people. Some couples cease to communicate after separation; the others find the ways how to transfer their communication to the other stage – “friendship”. It is better if relatives and children participate in this process.

The next stage is to keep respect for the past relationship. In your new relationship never discuss your ex partners, as it can characterize a person from a bad side as if he/she likes to gossip, etc. The best recommendation is to be attentive to the partner. Moreover, it is necessary to put oneself in the place of the ex partner and try to understand his/her feelings in this situation.

The last stage is to be tolerant and honest. One should always say honestly what he/she feels. It is a bad idea to lie and pretend.

The termination of a relationship is a very difficult process. Both partners feel themselves depressed and do not know how to fill their space. If the love relations were remarkable and separation was not too bitter, the partners can remain friends.

I do hope my advices will help to go through such a difficult period of life as the termination of a romantic relationship.


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