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Sao Paolo, Brazil is one of the biggest cities in the world as well as the best world destination for tourists and businessmen in the Americas. It is famous for its numerous cultural and business events all over the world. This global city attracts visitors through its unique nature and culture. If one wants to be successful in holding fairs, he has to go to San Paolo and arrange them there. It is known that the city hosts 90,000 events annually, among which 75 percent are famous fairs. It is also the place of such events as Formula 1, Fashion Week, congresses, international concerts, and others ("Website of FENATRAN (Portuguese)". Retrieved April 17, 2010.

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This is a good combination of business and entertainment. Sao Paolo has attractions 24 hours a day and this is a unique place for any kind of event.

San Paolo is a diverse center of culture and education. One can find seventy various nationalities in the city. Ethnically the city has a population mostly of Italian, African, and Portuguese origin. The main language which is spoken there is Portuguese.  Due to the great number of events, tourists, and businessmen Sao Paolo is considered to be a great educational center. The University of San Paolo is ranking first place in South America. Being in a constant events` movement, the city underwent many cultural changes.

There are 12,000 restaurants with 52 world cuisine that also attract most visitors and guests (The New York Times São Paulo's Travel Guide). This ideal destination attracts visitors not only because of its diverse cultural events but also by its unique people and nature. Its subtropical climate is perfect for tourists who want to find summer in winter and enjoy staying on the beaches in beautiful places in comfortable hotels. A lot of luxury hotels like Hilton, Hyatt, Sheraton welcome visitors from all over the world. The hotel industry is highly developed in San Paolo and the most developed in Latin America, offering 42,000 rooms in the city hotels of different classification and rate.

The city has big conventional centers, museums, parks and a lot of other places that attract visitors for their unforgettable special events. Its transportation network is well developed, though automobiles are the best means to get into the city. San Paolo has two international airports, which connect it with 28 countries around the world. The Guarulhos International Airport is one of the 20 busiest airports in the world. It serves 32mln passengers annually. The city has a metro with an underground rail system of 379.7km. Buses and trolleybuses also operate in the city connecting different parts and transporting people.

Medical and Healthcare service is well-developed and is funded by Brazil government, though there are a lot of private clinics and medical centers. Government hospitals are free and offer various healthcare services to the population, though, they are often overcrowded. Many companies have insurance programs and plans for their employees. The Brazilian economy is the seventh-largest in the world.

There are eight public holidays in Brazil including New Year`s Day, Independence Day, Labour Day, Tiradentes` Day, our Lady of Aparecida, which is also celebrated as Children`s Day, Day of the Dead, Republic Day, and Christmas Day. Besides these national holidays, each state may have its additional holidays.

In conclusion, it is worth mentioning that San Paolo as well as Brazil on the whole is an interesting place to visit and to live in. though like any other place in the world it may have its own problems the unique culture and climate make it worth to visit. 

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