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Rheumatoid arthritis is a disease condition which is closely associated with the two major systems of the body. To start with is the system pertaining to body immunity and secondly is that related to nervous body coordination commonly known as the CNS.

The general good body health as prioritized by Chiropractic puts great emphasis on several interrelationships where the systems of the nerve and the spine are considered the major players.

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The† bodyís nervous system is said to be impaired or compromised by subluxations whereas stressful conditions are believed to be directly related to the weakening of the major components of the bodyís system pertaining to immunity which subsequently leaves the body defense mechanisms in an immune compromised† situation thereby subjecting the entire human body to opportunistic infections that eventually leads to progression to disease states like rheumatoid arthritis but to mention. Several mechanisms have been put in place to try and modify such situations more especially by Chiropractors in order to eliminate the effectiveness of subluxations through alteration of vertebrate postures.

The negative impacts of diabetes in pregnant mothers is greatly reduced if the disease condition is properly managed Complications are said to arise if the disease is in effectively managed Motherís haemoglobin is said to be glycosylated if the blood glucose binds to it in a manner which cannot be reversed at any cost which normally forms approximately 4-8% of the overall motherís Haemoglobin †that subsequently increases when the glucose level in blood is elevated a condition commonly referred to as hyperglycaemia (Saunders et al 1080)This leads to the reduction in the fecundity rate of the mother which is normally associated with frequent abortions, miscarriages, Giving birth to already dead offspring as well as abnormal foetus.This conditions has led greatly to a dramatic upsurge in death rates among infants delivered by mothers who are suffering from Diabetes(Bradley 1990) Mothers who suffer from Diabetes are at a great risk of contracting infections related to the urinary system as well as high susceptibility to Candida albicans.Diabetic conditions also predisposes individuals to eclampsia disease and that related disease commonly referred to as polyhydramnios(Benson 1983)...

A greater majority of the population believed entirely in the Theory as postulated by Miasma that the sick is surrounded by a cloud of diseases. It is this belief that the cloud could easily infect and transmit the disease to other persons the very reason why most sick people were isolated from the rest of the population and there movements and interactions restricted within their houses. It is due to the same reason that in most communities, a dead personís grave was isolated to prevent further disease transmissions Due to these observations; Louis Pasteur came up with the knowledge of micro-organisms way back in the year 1864 with the theory of how they can be cured still left open for further research. As a result of his tremendous contribution on small pox discovery, Edward Jenner received a prestigious award.

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