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Dr. Adelaide Hautval is among the six heroes honored and recognized on Flickers of Light. She was captured by the Germans in 1942 while crossing from the occupied part of France into the unoccupied zone to attend her motherís funeral. She was put in detention. While still in detention, she protested against Jewish mistreatment.† This made her be sent to Auschwitz where she worked as a doctor. She helped many Jewish women by treating them and by hiding women suffering from Typhus. A SS doctor asked her to do some gynecology work.† To her surprise, she realized that SS doctors were using women prisoners as guinea pigs for medical research. She refused to participate, and she was transferred to Ravensbruek. She stayed there until the liberation in April 1945.

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Apathy is a situation in which a person or even the government lacks motivation or emotions towards something. A person loses his feelings towards another person, an object, activity or government. The government can also lose interest on people or a group of people and end up discriminating them. Political indifference happens when people or groups of people are discriminated by the government or authority in charge.† Some of these political issues may be politicians, public opinions, elections or civic responsibilities. A broader perspective of apathy and political indifference is where a certain group of people develops a negative culture towards their government.

Martin Niemoller would consider writing about groups like the African American and the LGBT. For example, the Obama administration has not shown any concern to the Black Americans.† Black American joblessness rate is greater than that of Whites. The government has not shown any willingness, emotions or motivation to correct this situation. LGBT community has not received any attention from many governments. For example, gay men, bisexuals and lesbians experience many health challenges. What is shocking is that they have reduced medical care attention; they are not properly screened for health situations and are discriminated by the community.

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