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The role of women in the modern society is changing rapidly. Thus, social change has been promoted and effected by the evolving roles of women in the modern society. This paper explores the changing role of women nowadays with particular reference to the film “Taking Roots: The vision of Wangari Maathai.”

The role of women in society is a key aspect of social change especially given the fact that in most societies, for instance in Africa; women have played a passive role in the development and climate change. Women form the greatest part of the population in most societies. Besides, much of the production activities are run directly by women on behalf of men. Empowerment of women to participate in the environmental protection issues is, thus, essential to realization of sustainable development.  In the film, the producer emphasizes that women are quickly moving from the culturally assigned role of exclusively being caregivers to active participation in issues relating to social justice, positive social change and development.

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The sociological implication of the changing role of women in society is to be found in the improved livelihoods and sustainability of the environment. In addition, as more and more women participate in the development, environmental conservation, economic activities, the overall cultural and social forces that have alienated women from the developmental processes become less conspicuous. Social changes that are resultant of women participation in the development include the rise in the number of women in leadership positions, changes in the family structure as relatively more women become breadwinners. With this development, more women are inspired to pursue education and contribute to sustainable development in return.

In conclusion, the film depicts women as becoming more engaged in the environmental conservation, economic activities and leadership roles. This has the implication of changing the social structure of the family as more women become productively involved.

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