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Free Example of Sales Personnel Essay

Purtin’s sales personnel is composed of 50 sales professionals who possess different educational background, skills and experience. These facets ensure that they have an upper hand on their respective success performances in the course of duty. However, it is noted that the sales performance varies widely across the team so that highest performers deliver a performance quota exceeding 120 %, while the lowest performers deliver a performance quota averaging to 75 %. Thus, it is the 45 % performance gap witnessed between the highest performers and the lowest performers that  worries Purtin Industries.

The recent interview conducted within the firm indicates that the firm possesses the potential to minimize the gap witnessed between top performers, average and low performers. Reduction in the gap can only be attained when facets attributed to the highest performance are established.

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As it was earlier  established, Leeway will develop a comprehensive interview process in order to allow for an all-inclusive assessing of the sales team. The assess criterion is established for the purpose of identifying combination of facets which makes top sales personnel successful. It should be noted that while identifying the aforementioned facets, the interview will formulate procedures aimed at establishing certain compositions of learning capabilities as well as personality traits which makes these personnel perform extremely well as compared to their immediate colleagues. Subsequently, the interview identifies potential candidates in possession of certain attributes which match with those of top performers. Also, the interview will be used to efficiently administer succession and career planning operations within different structural levels of the firm.


  1. A workable ROI (Return on Investment)
  2. Manageable entry costs
  3. Immediate and effective implementation strategy-  no need for certification procedures or training
  4. Cost effectiveness especially because solutions are meant to cover for global operations as a whole.

In conducting the implementation procedural activity, Leeway’s main goal is to catapult results attributed to sales at a dramatic level of 500 % in a matter of 7 months at minimum.

Supposing that Purtin decides to commence with implementation of the activity by September 4th the intervention can be wholly implemented by April 5th.

It is a pleasure to work with you on this matter and it is certain that our cooperation will prolong beyond the project at hand.

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