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San people live in the Kalahari Desert in the Southern part of Africa. The environmental conditions influence their style of living and activities selection in this region. The desert is a habitat for many species of animals and it allows hunting there. Despite of the desert environment pattern, a lot of plants grow on this territory free to be picked. San people have been living the hunter-gathering way of life throughout their history mostly due to their surroundings.

San are called “the first people” because they really were the first culture on our planet and gave the beginning to the modern civilization, although they lived isolated. Some may assume that their way of life is primitive due to the lack of achievements of modern industries. However, San people had something that could be highly appreciated in developed societies. They had democracy of a unique kind and their type of communication was unique as well. They were highly sophisticated and developed people and we can learn something from them.

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As it was mentioned above, their speech is unique; it possesses distinctive features such as clicking. The use of clicking sounds in so many combinations is not typical to any other language in the world.

Living in the conditions of Kalahari Desert is dangerous in many ways, so people who live there have to adopt survival strategies. San people realize that environment is their home, and they take everything they need from nature. It is also very important for them not to show distress and fear to predators. Thus, not doing damage to nature and keeping away from predators are the two main issues that help the San to survive.

Their environmental knowledge helps them a lot in achieving this aim. They know where they can look for a particular product or where to hunt a particular animal. They also know whether their findings are poisonous, and how to track the animals until they are dead form the poison used in the hunters’ arrows.

Gathering food is a women’s activity. Women search for food while their men are hunting. First, they plan what they will look for and then go and search for it. Food can be found anywhere: on the trees, under the trees, hidden in the grass, or even under the ground.

If the findings are poor, the San can use dance to attract luck in the future activities. Though, dance is performed not only for this reason. The San dance when they celebrate something, when they want to express their feelings. It can also be just a kind of entertainment. Ritual dances are also performed. The San believe that they can heal through dancing. Those rituals are sometimes spontaneous and they are always pure improvisation. Such form of art helps to gain better understanding among the members of the community.

The relations in the San communities are unique. These people were not affected by the outside world with its hierarchy and class system. Their society is democratic: each member has a right to vote, so long discussions take place before making a decision. Sharing is promoted from the early childhood and there is no such thing as possession. Even children do not belong to their mothers: they are a part of the group and every member of the group takes care of them.

The San people now face the influence of the outside and their culture can disappear. That is why almost all anthropologists want to study them in order to find out and record as much as they can about these people before it is not too late.

The outside world is not the only threat to the San; their environment can be an issue too. The fact that they are used to particular conditions can play a vital role in their further development.

The main characters of the King Corn movie find out that a life span is going to get shorter within some time due to food allowance of the average Americans, which does not consist of healthy products. A disproportionally large amount of carbon in the organisms of American people comes from corn, and this is not only because people eat a lot of corn itself: sometimes they do not even realize what they are consuming, as corn may be hidden in many usual products.

In the 1973, the course of Nixon`s government changed from controlling agriculture to letting it develop in high rates. It resulted on the small farms that were to leave the market due to continuing expansion of the large ones.

As the only way to survive in this business was to turn from a small to a large farm, many started to search for ways of reducing costs and increasing productivity. The solution was found in herbicides and genetically modified products. Crops are genetically modified to resist herbicides and the entire field can be sprayed with herbicides without damaging the crops. It results in larger harvest and rise in costs of the products for customers. One of the widely used herbicides is Liberty. Thus, the corn, which was sprayed with it, is called Liberty-link.

Corn is also widely used in farming. Cows are fed with it because it is cheap and allows them to gain a lot of weight in short terms. It is very convenient but rather unhealthy because cows have less muscles and more fat, which in the end is bad for humans’ health. In order to avoid acidosis caused by corn, cows are also given antibiotics which also affects human health.

The fructose corn syrup is produced from excess corn which is large in quantity. This syrup is added to America`s most consumed products like sodas. When drinking such beverage Americans threaten their health: they may gain obesity and diabetes. This information is proven by numerous researches in the field.

There are a few benefits discussed by Jared Diamond in his article. He is very critical about agriculture and highlights only several positive points regarding its implication. It is quite easy for one to name the benefits of agriculture. Firstly, it is thought to be a reliable source to supply the growing population with food on a regular basis. However by mentioning the Irish potato famine of 1840s which resulted in starvation and numerous deaths, the author implies that agriculture has reached this aim only partly. The second feature attributed to agriculture, namely, the potential to provide high quality food for people is also doubted by Jared Diamond. He proves his argument by describing poor health condition of people involved in agriculture. Thirdly, agriculture is sometimes said to have influenced the cultural development, which is also denied by the author. According to the information above, one can conclude that Jared Diamond is not a supporter of agriculture at all.

By providing several examples he shows that the costs were too high to achieve such doubtful benefits. According to the author, an average member of agricultural society only suffered of these so-called improvements: “With agriculture came the gross social and sexual inequality, the disease and despotism, that curse our existence” (Diamond 64).

Thus, the author mainly implies that without agriculture people could have built a better society with better living conditions for every person. The author does not make unsubstantiated statements, his argument is supported by paleopathologists findings. He sounds rather convincing because he provides scientific data with the direct bearing to his argument.

He also talks about modern hunter-gatherer societies and their life quality compared to the one of modern agricultural societies. The information the author provides does not speak in favor of the latter. It sounds like a conclusive proof because the information can be easily verified.

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