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I was assigned to Capital Senior center. I didnít have a chance to choose an agency by myself. Capital Senior Center is a non-profitable recreation center for adults, majority being fifty years of age. It is located in Colombia downtown. Its facilities offer cultural, physical and educational programs for the senior adults on a daily basis. The center is equipped with gym, circuit training equipment and skilled classes for fitness. It provides free parking areas; social events such as dances which are held in cooperation with Friday Dance twice in a month.

Upon arrival on my first day I was interviewed by a lady who was one of the management staff. She asked me some questions regarding my background.† Some of the questions she asked were: where have I come from, what did I do at school, why have I chosen this carrier path and why came to the Capital Senior Center. †The most interesting part was when she asked me if I had relatives or parents at home who are ages of 50 years and over. She encouraged me to motivate them to register for membership so that they can enjoy the facilities being offered. She then provided me with the list of activities the agency was offering. They include: 174 hours of social activities, 45 hours of educational activities and 320 hours of fitness activities per month. There was no orientation done for me so I had to maneuver my way out in the agency and understand the better part of its operation.

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The lady later gave the rules and regulations of the center which included some of the following: to be disciplined, respectful and obedient. I was also required to keep time as it was precious for their activities, to carry on with activities as instructed by my supervisors and to follow the laws governing the agency.

I was given a total of fifty hours completed of service learning. The days for volunteer varied based on my schedule of personal and school work. I would not make it to the center when there was an emergency at home or at school that required me to spend more time solving them. I spent twenty five hours greeting the members of Capital Senior Center as they entered through the door. I served them with discipline, welcoming them with a smile, taking their monthly membership fee. The payment was done for three months and receipt issued after payment. Moreover, I had twenty five hour for assisting in carrying out the administration work at the center within the period. Most of the activities included receiving incoming calls and making the outgoing calls. I was also typing the memos that were used to pass on the messages such as the new offers or emergencies that might have occurred. This was a good way of communication; members were keen on such notices.

The next twenty five hours of servicing were distributed within the period of two months. †I was working for four hours per week, two hours every Mondays and two hours every Wednesday. The annual agency festival took place in October 24, 2012 and I have completed five hours there. The activities during this festival included: passing out the entry tickets and serving of food and beverages. It was an enjoyable even as I got a chance to participate in the activities. I felt good when serving the members of the Center during the festival and other visitors that accompanied them, majorly family members.

Capital Senior Center provides educational facilities for its members. They include those who were less fortune in the past and did not have the possibility to afford education. Some of the members were not well equipped with the rising demand of technology. I have spent the remaining twenty hours in educational facilities. These were distributed throughout different periods. I was teaching senior people the basic computer skills. For example, I taught them how to use Microsoft Office Word to write documents, to edit them and format based on their interests. Moreover, I showed them how to use such components of computer as mouse, keyboard, monitor and how to turn the computer on. They learnt how to open email addresses, send and receive messages, print the messages in case a person is tired reading directly through the screen.

The experience I gained in the agency made me understand why a social worker must be able to work with different kinds of individuals. The old people tend to be slow when handling things, so a social worker has to develop social skills such as being patient, which enables a person to work well with the aged people, e.g. when handling the equipment they need to be assisted. My supervisor was not a social worker, so the knowledge I gained from the class helped me in carrying out the activities I was assigned to in the agency. I felt that much of my knowledge was not fully utilized as I was hoping to deploy the skills gained in class.

During the service period, I didnít get a chance to carry out an interview. I have never had a passion of doing it, I watched while others were carrying out an interview so that I would gain the experience in doing it in future. The cultural diversity and gender sensitivity affects the aged people. The societies have developed a culture of negligence among the older people that affects their feelings. They feel demoralized when this happens to them, they feel unloved. The agency provides them with another chance to smile and have a feeling of self-belonging. Values and ethics of social work require treating other people equally without gender based discrimination. The Center protects its members from being harassed in their work place with forces coming from within our outside.

In conclusion, there should be more service centers such as Capital Senior Center to provide for motivation and care for senior citizens. The education facilities would assist them in elimination of stigmatization of the old people. The facilities provide services that assist in maintaining healthy standards of the aged people prolonging their lives. The old people have experience and a lot of wisdom that should be passed to next generations, so there is a need for such centers to offer a room for such transformation.

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