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Free Example of Sharing Music Problems Essay

Media is the most popular source of entertainment in today’s world. People can spend hours listening to music and watching videos. Media technologies are constantly improving, so that everybody can enjoy music through various devices and in different ways. Music can be purchased on CDs or downloaded from the Internet. Today the most discussed problem that is connected to music is copyrighting. Copyright laws were accepted in order to protect companies that produce music records from pirates and at the same time to guarantee the best quality for customers.  

Today more than 71 million people are engaged in the music sharing and free downloading activates. More than 67% of Americans download music and videos from the Internet and do not care about the copyrights, 27% of Americans are concerned about the copyrights and buy music online, 6% of Americans do not have strict position or do not know much about this problem. Most of people who use IPods or MP3 players have confessed that they copied files from other people’s devices. 

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I think that listening to downloaded music for free is unethical and, of course, illegal. Copyright is a form of protecting intellectual property and it contributes to the further development of the music industry. Buying music records, we do not only help companies to make profit but also support the musicians in their development. The licensed music records also guarantee their customers that music has high quality and it is virus free. Copyright law guarantees that you use the best products. I think that anyone has the right to use someone’s labour or money, therefore I am against sharing the music or its free downloading. The new techniques should be created to prevent the pirate music usage.

Hawaiian music is very unique and there is no similar music in the world. The vocalist’s voice in Hawaiian music  sounds like a gentle ocean waves. Hawaiian drum-dance chant consists of the unique voice sound, one or two drums and dance. Sometimes the stamping tubes and gourd idiophones can be added. Today’s known Hawaiian music was influenced by European missioners as they were playing the harmonious music that was very different from the Hawaiian one. Hawaiian drum chant is spellbinding and it encourages listeners and “holds” them till its end.

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