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Ten Requirement of a Good Smartphone

For a smartphone to live up to its pedigree and serve the users effectively there are ten general features that the manufacturer and the buyer should consider. These include:

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Hardware and physical features

A smartphone should be able to stand hard conditions. It should not be fragile and delicate. Since most smartphones come at high prices, it is advisable to consider their durability and tolerance to falling and hitting hard objects. A good smartphone should also offer convenient features of usage. This includes presence of physical keyboard for those people whose fingers are big and are therefore unable to use touch screens.

Operating System

The operating system of a smartphone should allow fast and multiple use of the phone without hanging. This is one area where most smartphones fail users.


For a smartphone to qualify that title, it should have a very good and clear display of information. It should also be accompanied by as camera with a high megapixel. This will facilitate good images taken when photographing. For better viewing, it should also have a reasonable size of screen.

Network Technology

In the US, the two basic network technologies used in cell phones are GSM and CDMA. The latter is the standard cellular network technology in Europe and many other parts of the world. A cell phone should therefore be considerate in offering its service. If possible, it should include both of them in the handset to facilitate wide uses. For faster access of internet services Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology should be used.


A good smartphone should be user friendly. It should offer room for the user to adjust the features, both hardware and software, to their suitability without altering operations.

Availability of Spare Parts

The spare parts of a good smartphone should be made available to the users and at reasonable prices. Since smartphones, just like any other electronic device is vulnerable to dysfunction, room should be made for repairs.


A good smartphone should last for long to enable the user derive the utility for their money invested in the handset.


Since cell phones are devices which are carried around most of the times, a good smartphone should be made less heavy and reasonably bulky.

Protection against Malicious Attacks

Since smartphones are just like portable computers, they are exposed to viruses especially when accessing the internet. The devices should therefore have a software program that allows for deletion and protection against such attacks.

Added Features

Apart from the usual cell phone feature, a good smartphone should allow for other interesting features such as games, tracking devices.

Ienis Smartphone

This is a smartphone fully loaded with outstanding innovation and integrated features.

  • It uses Google Android gingerbread OS.
  • It has a hard outer casing that can withstand high abrasions.
  • It has an outstanding camera technology with Optical Image Stabilization and Carl Zeiss lens. PureView 12.5 megapixel.
  • 4 inch PureMotion HD+ display.
  • Allows for 3D display of pictures.
  • It comes with an internal phone memory of 8GB. It also supports microSD cards with an unlimited expandable memory.
  • Wireless charging and NFC enabled.
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