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Free Example of Social Contract Essay

Best Buy Incorporation is a retailer firm specialized in supply and distribution of consumer electronics such as washing machines, music systems, television and mobile phones in the United States of America. The firm also has retail stores in Canada, China and Mexico. Gibson and Billings postulate that Best Buy operates nearly one thousand two hundred stores within the domestic and international electronics market (2011).

Some of the major social responsibilities that Best Buy is faced with include conservation and protection of the environment from non-biodegradable electronic wastes. The company is responsible for making sure that its electronic wastes are properly disposed in a manner that poses least risks and dangers to the society, for instance, Best Buy was accused by Greenpeace for continued deforestation of Taiga Forest in Canada. The company is also responsible for providing adequate education to consumers on various risks that the electronics may pose to their health and safety.

Best Buy was sued in 2000 by two consumers from Florida for providing false information on warranties of purchased goods. Furthermore, the company was accused of imposing artificial barriers and bureaucracies to customers who were awarded the extended warranty offer (Project, 2010). The sales agents also used improper selling tactics to lure customers to make purchases. In my opinion, such fraudulent business practices should be avoided.

Additionally, Best Buy has been accused of improper pricing practices within its chain stores. In 2007, it was revealed that prices of certain commodities posted n the firm’s websites were misleading. Best Buy also cancelled hundreds of orders made by customers in December 2011 without giving prior notices to the affected customers (Jennings, 2012). In my opinion, Best Buy violates the rights of consumers to obtain relevant information within reasonable time. Moreover, Best Buy was fined by the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for failing to inform consumers that some of the analog television which they sold could not receive signals following digital transition. This clearly showed Best Buy’s noncompliance with digital transition requirements imposed by FCC.

In my opinion, the human resources department of Best Buy would use appropriate technology to ensure that information relating to consumers who use their automated retails stores is securely stored in the systems. Such information should not be made available to third parties without the customers’ permission. It should ensure high level of privacy for personal details of customers. Best Buy is also responsible for sharing all relevant information that may be deemed crucial to facilitate purchase decisions for consumers. Sharing of information can be achieved through adoption of management information systems (MIS). The company should also maintain adequate confidentiality on intellectual property rights belong to its employees as well as the customers. It should also build adequate trust with its customers and practice fair competition strategies.

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