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Free Example of Speaking Essay

Speaking is an art that is paramount in various disciplines and cannot be avoided in any organization. Through good speaking skills, information is shared between the administration and the employees. The way an employee speaks with clients is very crucial for an organization and the employee as it can mean an increased clientele base and promotion on the part of the employee.

Nonetheless, being aware of the audience enables the speaker to choose the language to use and the level of formality. For instance, a speech to be delivered to high school students about the importance of working hard will need the use of simple English. Furthermore, Baker college students listening to their president’s address would expect the president to handle the new ways of service delivery in the nursing industry that should be embraced by the course instructors such as the use of internet as a means of communicating with patients. The president can use this knowledge to prepare on what to address in his speech.  

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Some speeches are made in order to persuade the audience and others are made to inform the audience. The major difference between the two speeches is that persuasive presentation is meant to convince the audience while informative presentation on the other hand is meant to expand the knowledge of the audience about a particular subject.

References for speech writing need books and samples written on the topic. The credibility of the sources can be verified through the existence of the authors. Further, consider the speech delivered by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) president in the link, it is clear that the president had enough information about the audience and Professor Hamilton – a major driving factor to the speech. Questions and interruptions from the audience occurred at the end of the speech. 

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