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Features of successful classroom learning. Logistics: In case of physical classroom, locations and periods are set. It means, a defined curriculum is followed for each session and the courses are completed accordingly. During the class, the instructor teaches a particular chapter to the whole bunch of students. Students can ask questions and clear their doubts, if any during the class. However, in case of online learning, course materials are always available on the website and students can attend classes whenever they desire. Online students can also get access to the instructor and ask any question related to the topic.

Paces: Instructors set pace in the classroom as per their past experiences. It means, how much time should be given to a particular topic is totally dependent on the instructor. If a chapter is important from the examination point of view or the chapter is lengthy, the instructor devotes more time on that as compared to other chapters. In case of online learning, the pace is defined by the participant. They can also devote more time in a particular chapter than other chapters.

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Discussions: In classroom learning, many students enjoy live interaction with the instructor. They can discuss about their doubts and tricky questions with their instructor. This healthy teacher-student interaction helps create a bond between them and students feel free to discuss with their instructors. However, in case of online learning, though instructors are available but it is offered in a written format and in an asynchronous manner.

In addition to the above points, classroom success rate is always on a high scale as compared to online learning. It has been found that 70 percent of students enrolled for online courses failed to finish them ("70% failure rate,”). Those online students who have done excellent are those who are motivated, and self-reliant persons. They understand time commitment and keep pace with the coursework. On the other hand, those who are not motivated take the course lightly and always meet deadlines at the last minute. When I joined an online course, all my friends told me how lucky I was. But they really didn’t know how difficult it sometimes seemed. I downloaded the course materials, took print outs of the same because I wanted to read the material in hard copy forms. I then read instructions and signed up for forum discussion. I did the assignment carefully but doing everything alone seems quite boring. Also the course chapters and assignments were available for a set period of time, so I had to finish them anyhow. In classroom situation, your friends and instructors motivate you and there is a sense of social competence among students, which is not present in case of online learning. However, online learning provides flexibility and the choice of learning environment. For professionals who have no time to spare in the physical classroom, online learning is the best way through which they can get a degree or certification while working.


In the beginning, there had been a stigma attached with online learning as an easy way of acquiring an undervalued education on the Internet. However, with years of experiments, testing and validation, such perceptions have gone far behind. Almost all schools and professional institutions now offer online education and allow students to learn in an effective and efficient manner. Today’s busy lifestyles and career demands have helped online grow immensely. However, the relevance of physical classroom teaching will remain unhindered but online learning growth curve will definitely grow more in the near future.

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