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“Yes, we can” and “Forward” are the slogans of the current President and Democratic candidate Barrack Obama in the year 2008 and this year respectively. Indeed there is a message that is effortful l behind these inspiring slogans. In fact it’s not about being a Democrat or Republican, it’s about a hope that resides in all Americans that we have politically stable and economically viable nation that strides to be better than any other nation, and that is the true American dream.  As a student, this life changing events are relevant to my aspirations and dreams of a better tomorrow in my career and personal life. To achieve all this, it’s a result of endless actions and tireless efforts in my academics and personal character and behavior, (Frankel, 2010).  This defines my expectations of life after college.

In every way, I believe what defines the success of a student after college are the personal attributes and zeal that moves one day in day out. As a college graduate with relevant and equivalent career knowledge and skills, there is always a place for you outside there. The perception is that, with that success that you have managed to finish college with top honors or rather average performance above the par, it is a great success. Hence it will be easy to look for a job and fit the social life that awaits us in the world.  Knowledge is power, hence with it, it will be easy to walk anywhere and be accepted. Our politicians in their campaigns are defining ways top help college graduates, wherever they are campaigning we hear of plans to create policies that can increase jobs. Hence it’s within the right and opportunity of a student to get a job, at least after college, (Masters, 2005).. Also with great effort, as a student getting a job or a relevant activity will be easy. Hence there is a positive outlook of the future.

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The changes in my life is so simple one of becoming a complete member of the society from being a student. The direct attachment to an institution of learning reduces and being associated with any kind of institution in the land. My decisions and actions will widely find its foundations on the knowledge acquired in the process of education and the prevailing national issues. I stand better placed to make sound decisions based on the learning experience I have undergone. As a graduate, I will be holding more interest and concern in one area and it follows that when issues concerning this field become the subject matter I will be addressed directly giving me an opportunity to voice out my views as an intellectual. With increased learning one understand better the dynamics of the society which raises the public opinion on the views given by a leaned individual.

Shift in the life will include being employed either by self or by an organization. This gives the open space within which one can independently offer services, an opportunity that comes with confidence and belief in oneself. Such a trait gives hope for good things hopes for the future. In a political season, people are given lots of promises of good things to come but it is true that these promises from the political leaders  only find their way to those who have some kind of competitive edge over the others such as academic qualifications which implies the more the education the better, (Lento-McGovern, 1987).

The future appears successful after graduation it comes with more options to choose from in terms of jobs, more freedom and democracy, more information and knowledge.

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