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According to the article by “Institute for Sustainable Development(2006)” sustainable development can be defined as development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It continues to say that it contains within it two key concepts which include: the concept of needs in particular the essential needs of the world are poor to which overriding priority should be given. The other concept according to the article is the “idea of limitations imposed by the state of technology and social organization on the environments ability to meet present and future needs” (Institute for Sustainable Development,2006)

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Although there is a number of differences in the common principles of achieving sustainable development, Hargroves & Smith (2005) stated that the company should address the following areas in a clear a concise manner. It is therefore the responsibility of the management to ensure the implementation of dealing cautiously with risk, uncertainty, and irreversibility. They ensure appropriate valuation, appreciation, and restoration of nature and the environment in which they are operating. They also ensure the integration of environmental, social, and economic goals in policies and activities (Hargroves & Smith, 2005).

The article thus continues to say that all the definitions of sustainable development require us to see the world as a system that connects space and a system that connects time. Thus we can formulate that the concept of sustainable development is rooted in a sort of systems thinking. It thus helps us to understand ourselves and our world, the problems we face which are sometimes complex, and at the same time problems which we can not address them, in the same way, we created them (“Introduction to sustainable development”, n.d). The staff should be committed and highly motivated to innovate for a healthy and meaningful future for this planet and its inhabitants.

The article “Introduction to sustainable development” further states that the diversity of our experiences and what sustainable development means in practice for people in different organizations. Some of the critical actions that can be taken by the company to enhance this aspect and ensure a good quality of life for people around us is to: revive growth, change the quality of growth, meet the essential needs and aspirations for jobs, conserve and enhance the resource base, reorient technology and manage risk, and more so include and combine environment and economics considerations in decision making (“Introduction to sustainable development”, n.d). This, therefore, calls us to change our actions and to do our things differently. Indeed the most important aspects are the aspect of differentiation in that the company can produce differently, consume and organize ourselves differently. All these aspects of doing things differently put the company in a state of progressing towards achieving sustainable development. It is therefore important that every member of the organization works towards achieving the above orients of sustainable development.

The article further states that in order to achieve the aspect of producing differently the company should increase its efficiency and be committed to material reuse. The company must aim at joining the rest of the organizations that are eco-efficient. In this context, we must thus deliver competitively priced goods and services that improve the quality of life of people.  While this is still under consideration the management should strive to reduce ecological impacts and resource use intensity to acceptable levels (“Introduction to sustainable development” n.d). The most important question that we have to ask ourselves according to the article by Institute for Sustainable Development (2006) is how much more efficient we need to become, achieve the goal of quadruple resource productivity so that wealth is doubled, while at the same time halving resource use. Also, the other aspect of producing differently according to the article is “reducing the scale of polluting activities and creating new opportunities for entrepreneurs, creating sustainable livelihoods, and ensuring that growth is qualitatively different than in the past”

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