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A crisis is a dangerous and unstable situation that faces the society that affects the economy, politics, security, and social issues. Crises are never expected, they are specific, and never follow a routine or series of occurrence. It is always a surprise, is a threat, and creates uncertainties in the society that it occurs. When a crisis occur the society changes and the old system is replaced with new conditions. Any threat to a society always creates a crisis unless it is addressed, crises may include; poverty, economic crisis, environmental, or terrorists/security. This may affect a region, area, or individual i.e. it may be personal, regional, or international (Borodzicz, 2005).

The crisis described is a terrorist attack in form of suicide bombers that was perpetrated on a group while holding a public gathering. The terrorist may have targeted a place where many people would be affected by the act. Terrorist attached to the famous terrorist organization Patriotic Emperors conducted simultaneous attacks at a public ground during a political function and the surrounding building leading to death of multitude of people and the destruction of vast a mounts of property from the surrounding buildings.

Approximately 3000 people loose their lives where 19 of them are the suicide bombers. Over 1000 people who had attended the function perished in the attack while the others who died were in the buildings that were struck. Most of the people who died during the attacks were civilians. Only 50 security personnel died and the citizens who survived the incident were severely traumatized and may continue to have psychological or mental problems for quite sometime in the future. A lot of property was damaged. Many buildings were destroyed by the explosions which were five in total. The destruction of building also accompanied by the destruction of property worth billions of shilling that was in the affected buildings.

With destruction of such magnitude and so many deaths experienced the first thing would be how to get justice to the victims of the attack. Since the terrorist is already known allocating resources to track them down and disarm the group would serve the victims justice. This however should be done through an elaborate plan that ensures there are no other risks. Assuring the rest of the society left behind of their safety must be a key plan since it will help stabilize them and quell the crisis. Increased security measures and deploying security forces all over could act as an assurance to the society (Borodzicz, 2005). Compensating the affected victims will also bring stability to the crisis which will be important in handling the crisis. Assistance should be given to the families of the dead and victims that suffered in the crisis as an assurance and sign of goodwill and signify commitment towards solving the crisis; setting up a psychological care system to help the victims recover would be part of the program to ensure they are helped.

The Draft on State Responsibility for International Wrongful Acts addresses the legal systems to be followed in cases wrongful acts are done on any state, in addition there is also the UN charter that gives other legal options, and above all there are state laws that can be followed to address terrorism (Feuer, 2001). No crisis is too difficult to handle for any society when it sets its goals on it; this case can be handled effectively in the long-run through appropriate legal means. By using self defense the country can attack and bring down such terrorist and thus prevent them from attacking again. This can be in conjunction with other that may feel are threatened by the crisis.

Any emergency can cause disarray especially when people panic. In this case the crisis services offered would be effective including health, psychological, and financial compensations to the victims since many will be very attentive to such programs. Appropriate crisis intervention techniques are essential and vital to be able to handle the crisis professionally and most of all avoid other occurrences in future. 

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