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The painting under examination is a demonstration of religion believes. It is intended to serve as a reminder of the important events in Christianity not only for the Spanish but foreign art enthusiasts, as well. The painting was easily available for the average Mexican resident to own. Such paintings were made in order to spread the Christian religion among those who did not know it.

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The paint work is done on a tin sheet which, unlike canvas (which is commonly used in painting), serves to be a very durable material. This indicates that the painting was intended to be durable. The fact that tin was a popular material at that time means that the painting was supposed to be affordable for the majority of Mexicoís population.. As a result, that kind of paintings was available and helped spread Christianity.

The technique used by the painter involves elaborate detail that is made by the brush. The clouds in the painting have got the illusion of thickness created by the artistís use of thick paint with broad curvilinear strokes. The images of faces and garments of the characters and objects are elaborate. They appear to be well done, without any visible brush strokes. The use of details is made deliberately to create an illusion of actual presence. This method of painting was used to encourage followers of religion to have faith in the teachings of Christianity. The artist applies good technique in creating the illusion that the blood is flowing from the stigmata on the severed hand. This detail was intended to make believe in biblical preaching, which was used for the creation of the paintings.

The composition of the painting is orderly. The characters are organized in a manner when the most important characters are in the middle of the painting. The artist places the baby Jesus at the top of the severed hand. Above Jesus, one can notice the figure of God who is floating in the sky. The painting shows the baby Jesus flanked by two angels (one on each side). They are floating on the clouds while giving gifts. This indicates that the painting was made based on biblical stories. On the rest fingers, one can see parents and grandparents of Jesus. This painting can be used as a visual aid that may help spread the Christianity.

The painter uses bright colors. The artist deliberately makes particular characters stand out from the rest. He creates detail in the garments of God, Jesus, His parents and grandparents to emphasize on the importance of the characters in the Christian religion. The cup into which the blood from the severed hand flows is also beautifully colored. As usual, this vessel symbolizes the cup used in the last supper. Consequently, this demonstrates that the main theme of the painting is based on Christianity.

The painting appears to have one direction of light. The sun shines behind the figure of God. The light is down-directed. The painter uses this method to show that God extends His love to everybody in the picture. The artist does this to show that God created all and loves everybody equally. The bottom of the cup appears to be dark, because it is placed on the earth. However, the vessel can be bright when the light of religion shines on it. The painter was trying to demonstrate the qualities of God by showing Him as the source of light. The painting was made with the intention of spreading Christianity and biblical teachings among the Mexicans by Spanish colonizers.

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