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It is a concern of Anthropology, sociology as well as the world to compare about the sexual approaches around the world. Researchers in many societies throughout the world, concern regarding sex, incest taboo, the general attitude to a common standard of sex, the regulation of sexuality, mainly outside of marriage (Murdock, 1960, p. 65). At the same time of the premarital sex, gay sex, masturbation, sexual intercourse and other sexual behavior are noticed as a constant attitude of the various forms of culture, through out the world (Ford & Beach, 1951, p. 34). Western countries also vary from other countries towards the concepts of   marriage, gay sex and sexually active age of acceptance of sexual purity and these matters are worth emphasizing (Buss, 1989, p. 7). Nonmarital sex, attitudes toward premarital sex, extramarital sex, homosexual sex, are considered as a fundamental level, sometimes the overall performance of individuals or countries are accepted harmful indicators to measure.

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The four kinds of variables practically vary with each other, and it's consistently liberal or conservative attitudes of the community. All four variables simply in a nonjudgmental - nonpermissive dichotomy between the countries are enough to take account of the difference. And it does not appear that the moral evaluation of nonmarital sexual relation slings up together in difficult ways, if it scores more than generous, pluralistic values. Nonpermissive dichotomy means the picture is proposed. For example, married people have sex before marriage and having children to be more accepting of sex before, but not necessarily in extramarital sex.

Sexual experimentation is unacceptable. Many people indifferent nations, who are critical of opinion of a social institution of marriage, but they are not necessarily cohabitors and supporters of premarital sex and gay sex. Even young adolescents can not be supported in the right from this context. Therefore, the four kinds of variables in different ways, in different countries are combined, and featured upon  profiles of nonmarital sexual attitudes characterized by a cluster of countries has been hypothesized.

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