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When we meet Petrus, we seem to be meeting a representative of the countryside. When David meets Petrus, it is hard to identify or estimate the age the hero might be, because of his physical appearance. He has shrewd eyes and lined face. It is hard to determine how old he might be. David moves with Lucy to the countryside after he loses his job as a lecturer, since he had an affair with one of his students. They are happy together and for a moment David forgets about his past, but the situation becomes even worse when he and his daughter are attacked by three men and Lucy is raped. This brings back memories of his earlier acts and traumatizes him.

The best thing about David is that even though he is not the narrator of the movie, we still get to know how he feels and what he thinks, and this makes us pay attention to him. He is the protagonist in the story. When we first meet David, he is okay, though he could get better and his life is preferably lukewarm, especially his sex life. He does not feel inspired either professionally or personally.

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Melanie comes in and things seem to change. David feels young again; it had been long time since he had relations with a woman, that is why he wondered how to make a woman feel loved and appreciated. To some extent, Melanie is pissed by him to an extent that she makes excuses not to meet him, until the time she visits him unexpectedly, and David loses control and by the time he realizes it, it is already too late. Melanie brings out that youthful side of David while, on the other side, his colleagues bring out that bitter side of him. David did his best to impress Melanie in a class, not minding all the other students he was tutoring.

David, upon questioning could not admit having an affair with a student, because that meant loss of dignity, so his refusal brought him disgrace, though not as much as it would have been if he admitted. He lost all that he had been working for in his life. The hero moves to the country where he keeps thinking about Melanie and wondering why people are so poorly dressed but these thoughts are heightened after they are attacked. He wondered how he could talk about her rape, and wondered what if that was the same thing he had made Melanie go through. Being a good father to Lucy was his other worry.

By the end, we see David trying to be the best and be strong for the sake of Lucy. David evolved from his arrogance that could not allow him to apologize for his act. Lucy lives on the country side, because she wanted to lead a simple life where she would be at peace with her neighbors. After being raped, she did not feel reconciliation with herself. They lived with a dog that was shot during the attack, and this shows also compassion between humans and animals.

During their being together, David volunteers to work at a clinic where the poor brought their sick or wounded animals. David also sought forgiveness from Melanie’s family and it was accepted. There is much difference in power dynamic between Lucy and David before and after the rape; before the rape, Lucy, a lesbian that lived with Helen who had passed on, was very open to David and they could talk about Melanie openly since both of them had been involved in women sexually, but after the rape things changed. Lucy felt that all men were the same and that David would have done to Melanie the same thing the men did to her, and she no longer talked to him openly again.

After the rape, Lucy got even more attached to her homeland and to Petrus, and she really helped him, especially after getting a piece of land; and they seemed to get along well. After realizing that she is pregnant, she decides to get married to Petrus as her security. Her power- dynamic view of males/females is not different. For David, his power-dynamic view changes, because after the rape he is a changed person and strives to treat ladies better.

The dynamics of the relationship between Lucy and David really change after the rape. This is evident, whereby after the rape, Lucy opts to keep things to herself, unlike before when they were so open and could talk about Melanie, since they had been involved in women. After the rape, Lucy viewed David as just any other man who was capable of rape just like the three men had done to her, and this drifted them apart, making Lucy get closer to Petrus. After the rape, she saw David as a man who could give her any better option in life than she already had. She ended up getting more involved with the people of this land and she even got married to Petrus after discovering that she was pregnant.

In conclusion, to both Lucy and David, the impact of rape led to having different views on what they believed, with Lucy having the mentality that all men were the same, and David apologizing and doing his best to please his daughter Lucy.

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