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Recently, fast foods have been allowed into the schools systems. The schools have opened snack shops and canteens to sell this food. Some schools have even allowed the advertising of the fast foods by the fast food companies.  This should not be the case because of the negative effects that these foods have on the children and learners in the school systems. Some of these effects are long-term, while others are short time. These effects include the following.

Fast foods are being processed and preserved using chemicals that are harmful to one’s health. The taste and the aroma are made in chemical factories to appeal to customers in order to improve sales.  For instance, when snacks are being warmed in the microwaves the oil that was used to make it is charged chemically and continuous use of the same leads to cancer in the end. The digestive system of the body requires fibers for it to work efficiently. But these fibers are absent in the processed fast foods, hence the consumers of these foods, in this case children, complain about some stomach upsets and aches.  Also chemicals that are used to color the foods are included. These chemicals do not have any nutritional value at all, thus they are toxic substances that are being ingested into the body.

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The companies producing fast foods have influenced the policy makers in the congress who are supposed to come up with formulate laws on food security, workers safety, and minimum wages for employees. This has given businesses an environment, where they get away with some otherwise bad practices, like paying way too low wages to their workers, production of unhealthy or substandard foods, e. t. c. For example the hamburgers being sold to the children in schools and other shopping areas have facilitated the introduction of deadly pathogens which have no nutritional values in their composition. Some of these fast foods have, for instance, bad cholesterol that in the long hand brings about complications in the health of the consumers.

One of the long-term effects of fast foods is the change of social and economic cultures in the community. Examples include obesity and franchising.  Obesity is caused by the excessive fast foods intake.  Surprisingly children of young age are victims of this effect due to fast foods.  A good example is the extensive research done by MRCHNC researchers based in London. Through the extensive research, it was reported that those people who eat McDonald’s food substances and some percentages of Burger King’s food substances suffer from excess weight and are affected with obese. The researchers concluded by indicating that fast food affects the normal body appetite and eating system.

The schools and learning institutions should take precautionary measures to protect the learners and children who are the ready market for these fast foods without being aware of the impending dangers associated with them. Advertising of these foods in schools should not be allowed.

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